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Presento template for LibreOffice Impress

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Presento is a popular template for the LateX presentation's class called Beamer. So, I'm translating this template from LateX to OTP format. The template is clean, simple and extensible, like its original creator, Ratul Saha, says. It offers a very modern, formal and interesting alternative to create the best presentations.

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Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • 1.1 This release includes a lot of improvements. The design has changed, and more usefull tools has been added. 5.2 Linux, Windows, macOS

    The design has been changed, adding more usefull tools. You can use 5 diferent colors for each page, and the design for each one is better.


  • 1.0 This release includes the basics of Presento template. 5.3 Windows

    The release allows the user to create simply, clean and elegant presentations. Includes the first page (presentation tittle, subtittle, author, date), the standard page (empty with orange square at the top), and section pages (green).

    It is the first release of a lot of improvements for this famous template.



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  • Felipe Silva Jun 4, 2020, 7:56 AM (42 days ago)

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    Hello Community.

    This Presento Impress template doesn't work in my Linux Mint LDME 4 because of the font TechnicalBold.

    I'm a begginer user of Linux so if you know how or where I can discover how to put this template to work in my LibreOffice application I will appreciate .


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