LibreOffice Extensions and Templates

LibreOffice offers a wide variety of features, and when you look for additional functionality, there may well be extensions and templates that add that! This site offers a wide range of extensions and templates to satisfy your needs. What's more, people, maybe you, can develop more extensions or templates and offer them for the collecting on this site.


LibreOffice Extensions are tools that can be added or removed independently from your installation of the main program. Extensions may add new functionality to your copy of LibreOffice, or may make existing functionality easier to use.

Currently there are 363 LibreOffice extension project(s) with 899 release(s) available.

Most Recent Extension Projects

  • Czech dictionaries

    13 7
    Nov 03, 2018 in Dictionary, Language Tools

    Czech spell check dictionary, hyphenation rules and thesaurus

  • DocAlea : aléatoirisation de documents

    8 4
    Dec 10, 2018 in Writer Extension

    Cette extension permet de générer des documents différents à partir d'un document générique (utile pour donner des devoirs, par exemple).

  • Interpolation for Calc

    19 7
    Nov 26, 2018 in Calc Extension

    This Add-in contain function to solve interpolations and extrapolation tasks.

  • Hyphenations for russian

    52 20
    Oct 16, 2018 in Dictionary, Writer Extension

    Russian hyphenation dictionary converted from TEX hyphenation patterns. Словарь переносов для русского языка сконвертированный из шаблонов переносов TEX.

  • BaseDocumenter, to document your Base applications

    23 13
    Dec 10, 2018 in Macro, Base Extension

    BaseDocumenter is a software tool producing a full documentation of a LibreOffice Base application.

Most Recent Extension Releases

  • LMD Color of the Year (Color Pallette) - 2018.12.06

    Release Summary
    [ES] + Añadido color del 2019. * Corregidos valores RGB para varios colores (basado en la fuente oficial). [EN] + Added color of 2019. * Corrected RGB values for several colors (based on the official source).


    LibreOffice 5.3, LibreOffice 5.4, LibreOffice 6.0, LibreOffice 6.1,

  • Office Color - 1.0.0

    Release Summary
    The "Office Color" Palette defines a set of 10 standard colors and their gradients to enhance your content.


    LibreOffice 5.4, LibreOffice 6.0, LibreOffice 6.1,

  • MultiFormatSave - 1.5.6

    Release Summary
    Update Icons


    LibreOffice 3.3, LibreOffice 3.4, LibreOffice 3.5, LibreOffice 3.6, LibreOffice 4.0, LibreOffice 4.1, LibreOffice 4.2, LibreOffice 4.3, LibreOffice 4.4, LibreOffice 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2, LibreOffice 5.3, LibreOffice 5.4, LibreOffice 6.0, LibreOffice 6.1,

  • Interpolation for Calc - 0.3

    Release Summary
    New functions were added


    LibreOffice 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2, LibreOffice 5.3, LibreOffice 5.4, LibreOffice 6.0, LibreOffice 6.1,

  • LeenO - 3.19.1

    Release Summary
    LeenO 3.19.1


    LibreOffice 5.4, LibreOffice 6.0, LibreOffice 6.1,


LibreOffice Templates offer you a way to avoid duplicating repetitive actions when creating new text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. They also offer a way to maintain consistency of document layout and standard content, and may, for example, be used to maintain consistent branding elements when used in a work place.

Currently there are 371 LibreOffice template project(s) with 461 release(s) available.

Most Recent Template Projects

  • Doctoral Dissertation Template

    7 1
    Dec 10, 2018 in Education, Academia, Paper, Writer

    Template for doctoral dissertations using qualitative methods.

  • Task List Table

    3 7
    Dec 10, 2018 in Agenda, Education, Academia, Timesheet, Writer

    List your tasks and check off each day that you complete them.

  • Simple A4 trifold

    4 2
    Nov 07, 2018 in Brochure / Pamphlet, Writer

    Writer template to create a simple trifold.

  • RGBY Left

    12 8
    Sep 25, 2018 in Presentation

    A bright, colorful Impress template with rounded bars on the left side.

  • Cost of Groceries Comparison

    9 10
    Dec 10, 2018 in Grocery, To Do List

    Compares cost of groceries in different supermarkets. Set up for Canadian companies, but can be altered for other countries'.

Most Recent Template Releases

  • Monthly Budget and Expense Record - 1.7

    Release Summary
    Simplifies the "priority payments".


    LibreOffice 6.1,

  • Slim CD/DVD Jewel Case Cover Templates (Letter) - 1.0

    Release Summary
    Covers for slim CDs/DVDs


    LibreOffice 5.1,

  • Aushang mit Abreisszettel - Announcement - 1.1

    Release Summary
    Translated into English and German


    LibreOffice 3.6, LibreOffice 4.4, LibreOffice 5.4, LibreOffice 6.1,

  • Bible verses sorted in Biblical order with notes! - 1.0

    Release Summary
    Copy verses to sheet, make notes next to each, then will sort in a Biblical order!


    LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2, LibreOffice 5.3, LibreOffice 5.4, LibreOffice 6.0, LibreOffice 6.1,

  • Bible reading plans by pgs. sorts verse Biblically - 1.2

    Release Summary
    Enter your Bible page #’s for 1 of 2 different reading plans. Sheet indicates what pages to read, in Psalms & Proverbs, in keeping with your reading of rest of the Old Testament, so at each reading, part of each 3 is read, finishing each at the same time. Also show how many pages to read per day to finish in a given time. Or a check list if reading by chapter. With other helpful sheets in this one file, template.


    LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2, LibreOffice 5.3, LibreOffice 5.4, LibreOffice 6.0, LibreOffice 6.1,


LibreOffice remains committed to providing users with quality software authored under free software licenses, and, as such, our catalogue of extensions and templates are published under free software licenses.