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LibreOffice offers a wide variety of features, and when you look for additional functionality, there may well be extensions and templates that add that! This site offers a wide range of extensions and templates to satisfy your needs. What's more, people, maybe you, can develop more extensions or templates and offer them for the collecting on this site.


LibreOffice Extensions are tools that can be added or removed independently from your installation of the main program. Extensions may add new functionality to your copy of LibreOffice, or may make existing functionality easier to use.

Currently there are 323 LibreOffice extension project(s) with 713 release(s) available.

Most Recent Extension Projects

  • APSO - Alternative Script Organizer for Python

    5 0
    Jun 18, 2017 in All modules, Macro

    Based on an original script from Hanya, APSO will install a macro organizer dedicated to python scripts.

  • Pokémon GO IV Calculator

    12 22
    Jun 13, 2017 in Macro

    pokemongoiv is an Pokémon Go IV calculator that finds the individual values (IVs) of your Pokémon. A tool bar is added to run the calculator.

  • gMailOOo

    5 3
    Jun 27, 2017 in All modules

    Google Mail OAuth2 implementation for LibreOffice

  • Diccionario Español El Salvador

    6 2
    May 17, 2017 in Dictionary

    Diccionario en español, para El Salvador, en el cual se han añadido todos los departamentos, municipios, ríos y lagos que existen en el país

  • Power Detective

    25 5
    May 10, 2017 in Macro, Calc Extension

    This extension enhances Detective/Trace Precedents and Trace Dependents. It allows many cells to be selected and traced at once, instead of one cell at a time. It makes a new toolbar so that ...

Most Recent Extension Releases

  • LanguageTool - 3.8

    Release Summary
    Error detection rule updates for Catalan, Dutch, English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, and Ukrainian.


    LibreOffice 4.0, LibreOffice 4.1, LibreOffice 4.2, LibreOffice 4.3, LibreOffice 4.4, LibreOffice 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2, LibreOffice 5.3,

  • English Dictionaries - 2017.07.01

    Release Summary
    MAGP 2017-07-01 Updated the Dictionaries: - British (Marco A.G.Pinto)* * British has 480 new words (2017-06-01) + 433 new words (2017-07-01).


    LibreOffice 4.0, LibreOffice 4.1, LibreOffice 4.2, LibreOffice 4.3, LibreOffice 4.4, LibreOffice 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2, LibreOffice 5.3,

  • German (de-DE-1901) old spelling dictionaries - 2017.06.22

    Release Summary
    dict-de_DE-1901_Oldspell_2017-06-22.oxt enthält verbesserte Wörterbücher.


    LibreOffice 3.3, LibreOffice 3.4, LibreOffice 3.5, LibreOffice 3.6, LibreOffice 4.0, LibreOffice 4.1, LibreOffice 4.2, LibreOffice 4.3, LibreOffice 4.4, LibreOffice 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2, LibreOffice 5.3,

  • LeenO - 3.17.0

    Release Summary
    La versione 3.17.0 di LeenO vede l’introduzione, sia nella tabella di COMPUTO che in quella di CONTABILITA, della colonna relativa agli importi dei Materiali e dei Noli, sempre che le voci in Elenco Prezzi siano corredate dei valori della manodopera. ’Aggiunge la nuova voce di menù Importa/Esporta...>Importa voci da prezzario Regione Toscana XML che permette di importare in LeenO i file in formato XML presi direttamente dal sito regionale della Toscana.


    LibreOffice 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2,

  • LeenO - 3.16.1

    Release Summary
    Continua il lavoro di alleggerimento e accelerazione delle funzionalità di LeenO, in particolar modo riguardo alla generazione dei sommari, quindi dei quadri di raffronto nel foglio Elenco Prezzi.


    LibreOffice 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2,


LibreOffice Templates offer you a way to avoid duplicating repetitive actions when creating new text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. They also offer a way to maintain consistency of document layout and standard content, and may, for example, be used to maintain consistent branding elements when used in a work place.

Currently there are 349 LibreOffice template project(s) with 391 release(s) available.

Most Recent Template Projects

  • Calcolo del giorno di Pasqua con l'Epatta

    1 0
    Jun 20, 2017 in Calendar, Timesheet

    Un modello per calcolare il giorno di Pasqua secondo l'antico metodo dell'Epatta - A model to calculate the Easter day according to the ancient method of the Epatta

  • Calendar Creator

    16 0
    Jun 14, 2017 in Calendar

    Automatically create Monthly, Yearly, Weekly, Daily calendars.

  • Toutes mes factures regroupées dans un document.

    4 0
    Jun 13, 2017 in Accounting, Budget, Business, Business Shipping, Invoice

    Modèle de facturation permettant d'ajouter/modifier/sauvegarder/relire des factures. Base de données clients dans un onglet du même document. Template to add/modify/save/read all your invoices. your customers are grouped in a separate tab.

  • Convertitore da data a giorno dell'anno

    2 0
    May 03, 2017 in Calendar, Timesheet

    Un convertitore che calcola il numero del giorno dell'anno corrispondente a una data, e viceversa. - A converter calculating the number of the day of the year corresponding to a date, and vice versa.

  • Modern (Source Pro)

    5 1
    Jun 27, 2017 in Paper, Writer

    This template is an attempt at creating a nice and modern looking default template for LibreOffice Writer. It is derrived from the "modern"-template which is shipped with LibreOffice by default. However, my version only uses the Adobe Source Pro font-family instead of Caladea and Carlito. Moreover, it makes some specific format decisions tailored for university seminar papers.

Most Recent Template Releases


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