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DynTablesUpdater is a tool for batch updating of dynamic tables (aka data pilots) that can be found in a Calc spreadsheet.

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DynTablesUpdater comes as a three-button toolbar for Calc. They provide the following functionalities:

  1. Display an About dialogue.
  2. Update all dynamic tables found in the active spreadsheet.
  3. Or reset all dynamic tables filters.

DynTablesUpdater is also available in the Tools > Add-ons menu.


Other functionnalities :

  • A log file is generated, that is saved beside the processed file (same name, .log extension).
  • A progress bar in the status bar shows the process advance.
  • The tool automatically uses the UI interface language: French or English (fallback language). Internationalization uses .po files. Thus, the extension UI can be easily translated into any unsupported language.
  • One of the modules (_autoDTupdate) provides the same functionality (update all dynamic tables found in the active spreadsheet) without having to use the extension, by linking a document event to its DynTablesUpdate() sub. Note that, as of current version, there's no UI feedback.


DynTablesUpdater was sponsored by la ville de Grenoble (Isère - France).


The extension icon is from icon-park, available here: https://www.iconfinder.com/icon-park.

The toolbar icons are by Uniconlabs, available at: https://www.flaticon.com/authors/uniconlabs.

These icons are freely available.


Release List

Release: Version 0.4.1 – First public version.

Compatibility: 6.1
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
License: GPL

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