Rounded Rectangles

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It is a simple presentation template for Impress!

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English (very poor): What can I say? It is a simple presentation template! There are: - First page (you can see it in the screenshot) with the logo in the upper left side, the spaces for the title of the presentation and for the name of the presenter; - Standard page, very simple and clear (white background!); - End page very very simple! In Italiano: Che dire? E' un semplice template per Impress! E' composto da: - Prima pagina con i posti per logo, titolo e autore; - Pagina standard molto semplice; - Pagina finale con sfondo nero e un bel "The End"! alrt84

Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • 1.1 Release 1.1 3.4 GPL Download
  • 1.0 First Release 3.4 GPL It is a first release, to be evaluated! Download


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