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[en] Italian and Latin spelling dictionaries - [de] Italienische und lateinische Rechtschreibung

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Using the official resources of Progetto Linguistico Italiano, this extension adds Italian spelling and hyphenation dictionaries as well as a thesaurus. This package is bundled with Latin spelling and hyphenation dictionaries. The Latin dictionary is also available as a separate extension. Here you can find more information about the Latin dictionary.


Diese Extension greift auf die offiziellen Quellen des Progetto Linguistico Italiano zurück und integriert italienische Wörterbücher für Rechtschreibung und Silbentrennung ebenso wie einen Thesaurus. Dieses Paket enthält ferner lateinische Wörterbücher für Rechtschreibung und Silbentrennung. Das lateinische Wörterbuch ist aber auch als separate Extension erhältlich. Hier gibt es zusätzliche Informationen über das lateinische Wörterbuch.

Release List

Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes   2013.03.31 dict-it-IT_and_Latin_2013-03-31 contains updated dictionaries 3.3 LGPL - la.dic and la.aff | Version: 2013-03-31 - Considerably expanded and improved vocabulary file - Considerably expanded and improved affix data file - Unlike earlier dic-versions, now compatible with LibO 4 - Italian dictionaries | Version: 2012-04-04 Download 2011.08.07 dict-it-IT_and_Latin_2011-08-07.oxt contains updated dictionaries 3.3 LGPL dict-it-IT_and_Latin_2011-08-07 contains updated dictionaries: - la.dic and la.aff | Version 3.0: 2011-08-07 - Supplemented and corrected vocabulary file - Supplemented and corrected Affix data file - Supports classical (u=u, v=v, u=v) and universal spelling mode (u=u, v=v, u=v, v=u) - Italian dictionaries | Version: 2011-03-24 Download

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  • andrea Nov 20, 2020, 10:13 AM (4 years ago)

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    why did you delete my file and extention for italian dictionary? i cannot re store dictionary anymore. so?

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