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last edited: 2020-05-28


pin gallery is an clipboard extension for images, graphics, shapes, ...

screenshot v2


With symbol it's always the first item in the gallery sidebar so you only have to open the gallery sidebar and drag & drop your drawings from writer, draw, impress, ... to the sidebar and use it later. It's also usefull for cooperate identity symbols, company images, shapes, ...

Release List

Release: 1.0

Compatibility: 5.0
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, macOS
License: CC0

initial release

Other Extensions

Fontwork extended Gallery

Extended Font Artwork for the gallery


Icon gallery

some usefull icons


People gallery

People gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.


Shape gallery

Shapes gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.


Sound gallery

Music gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.


Symbols gallery

Symbols gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.



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  • Bigpapa Jun 2, 2020, 10:38 PM (2 years ago)

    (FR) Ajout utile à la galerie. Dans la description, il aurait fallu indiquer que pour ajouter une image dans la barre latérale, il faut appuyer sur la touche "Ctrl" puis glisser-déposer l'image.

    (EN) Useful addition to the gallery. In the description, it would have to indicate that to add an image in the sidebar, you must press the "Ctrl" key and then drag and drop the image.

    • Bigpapa Jun 3, 2020, 11:33 PM (2 years ago)

      (EDIT) "Ctrl" n'est nécessaire que pour une image contenue dans un fichier en cours d'édition dans LibreOffice.
      "Ctrl" is only required for an image contained in a file being edited in LibreOffice.

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