Formatting of All Math Formulas

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This extension allows formatting of all (or selection) Math formulas in your document. Works in Writer, Calc, Draw and Impress.

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If you need change font size or font in all Math formulas in your document, you should use this extension.

Just download .oxt file and start it by double click.

Or save .oxt file in your computer, start LibreOffice, select menu Tools->Extension manager. In dialogue push button 'Add', find .oxt file and open it.

Restart LibreOffice

Now there is item FaF in menu Tools->Add-ons. Select it for starting of extension.

In dialogue there are two controls: field for font size and drop-down list for font.

Type font size (more then 4 ) and select font from drop-down list.

Then push button 'Formatting' to formatting all Math formulas in document.


Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • 0.1.9 6.0 Linux, Windows, macOS MIT

    Fixed problem with dropping bold and italic formatting

  • 0.1.8 Added progress bar
    Implemented changing of font without changing of font size
    5.2 Linux, Windows, macOS MIT Download
  • 0.1.6 Updated GUI
    Improvement work with tables in Writer
    5.2 Linux, Windows, macOS MIT Download
  • 0.1.5 First beta release 5.2 Linux, Windows, macOS MIT Download

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Formatting of All Math Formulas

This extension allows formatting of all (or selection) Math formulas in your document. Works in Writer, Calc, Draw and Impress.



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  • Leandro de Oliveira 22.09.2021, 16:42 (vor 4 Tage)

    Promissing, but it only work on Write, on Draw the error occurs "property or method not found: getViewCursor". Please, fix this! Thank you!

    • Leandro de Oliveira 22.09.2021, 16:49 (vor 4 Tage)

      BTW formatting all in the same time in draw works fine (LO v7.1.3.2 x64)

  • Timothey 27.10.2020, 04:04 (vor 11 Monate)

    Greatly appreciate author for creating this piece of art!
    Was searching for it last 3 years. And here it appears.

  • Marc 26.10.2020, 19:25 (vor 11 Monate)

    The concept is great. Works perfectly. I have a document with over 500 formulas and it was like a Christmas gift for me. In fact, I regret we can not make any difference between each font (Variable, Functions, Numbers...), therefore I had to hardcode my fontnames in your macro ;-). And I added a few lines to format the custom fonts too. It would be great to be able to have it in the interactive window.

  • PAB 10.10.2020, 01:05 (vor 12 Monate)

    Woks perfectly. Thanks!

  • None 01.10.2020, 09:14 (vor 12 Monate)

    Do the work but it's impossible to find the source code even if it's published under MIT licence, which is unacceptable.

    • Marc 26.10.2020, 19:28 (vor 11 Monate)

      The source code is accessible directly from your LibreOffice macros once you installed the extension : Tools>Macros>Edit Macros
      Then unfold My Macros & Dialogs>FAF :
      Module1 contains the code
      FaF contains the interactive window

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