Latviešu Spellchecker

Latvian spellchecking and hyphenation module


UML Elements

This extension provides several galleries containing visually homogeneous elements for different types of UML diagrams.


Geiriadur Cymraeg - Welsh Dictionary

Geiriadur Cymraeg (data 2023) - Welsh Dictionary (2023 data)



TheCAT (the Calc Audit Tool) is a tool to document your Calc spreadsheets structure and components.



SuperGreta! est un modèle conçu à l'aide de LibreOffice 7 qui permet de mettre en ordre des informations par des mots clés et de les illustrer par des images qui s'insèrent bien dans le thème du diaporama.____SuperGreta!&


Font Name Fix

This extension fixes an issue in LibreOffice Writer when the system language does not match the writing language. 


The Taxonomy Dictionary

A resource for correct spelling of taxa.


Монгол үгийн алдаа шалгах толь, Mongolian spell checking dictionary

Энэ удаагийн шинэчлэлээр хуучин үгийн сангаа цоо шинээр зохион байгуулж, 36 мянга орчим, тэдгээрийн хувилал болох 200 сая гаруй үгийн санг бэлтгэлээ. Энэхүү тольд "Монгол үсгийн дүрмийн толь" болон "Монгол хэлний зөв бичих дүрмийн жур


InLine Headings

An inline (or run-in) headings generator for LibreOffice writer documents to comply with some academic reports constraints.


Energy Accounting (German version)

This energy accounting includes automatic reporting of the entries. It is available only in German.



VBA for MSAccess emulator



AccessODF is a Writer extension that helps authors evaluate and repair accessibility issues in OpenDocument Text and other word processing formats supported by Writer.


AddPics creates a text document from pictures of scanned pages with the correct page orientation (portrait or landscape) for each page of document.

Akan Spellchecker

Modern Akan spelling dictionary from kasahorow.

Alternative Find & Replace for Writer (AltSearch)

Extension that adds many new features to Writer's find & replace function.

Alternative Print Brochure for Writer

Only displays page order for manual brochure printing

Amharic Ethiopia Spellchecker

Ethiopia customization including setting CTL to Amharic and including an Amharic dictionary (Hunspell) for spell checking


Anaphraseus is a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool, macro set similar to famous Wordfast. It works with the Wordfast Translation Memory format (*.TXT), and supports text segmentation.

Ancient Greek Spellchecker

Ancient Greek Language support for LibreOffice / OpenOffice


An Drouizig Breton Spellchecker

Hunspell Breton spellchecker by the an Drouizig team.

Arabic Spellchecker

It is Arabic spell checker thanks to

ATL2 - AutoTextListe2

List Writer's AutoTexts to a document.

Extension of the macro "AutoText” in library "Gimmicks”, delivered with OOo since version 1.1.x, which lists AutoText name and AutoText shortcut to a writer document.


AboutThis is the B2UConverter project, an UNO extension for LibreOffice, for converting documents from old Vietnamese encodings to Unicode, and for moving Vietnamese diacritics to their right positions as well.

Bambara/Bamanakan Spellchecker

(fr) Un correcteur orthographique pour le bambara (bamanakan ou bamanankan) et un thésaurus (définitions, exemples, synonymes) (En) A spellchecker and thesaurus for the Bambara language (aka Bamanakan or Bamanankan), a west african language spoken in d

BaseDocumenter, to document your Base applications

BaseDocumenter is a software tool producing a full documentation of a LibreOffice Base application.



Generate with one click a report like a data sheet an invoice a letter... . Save/mail/ssh it (pdf or odt) somewhere. There are some striking features in this extension, that the built in reportbuilder does not offer. e.g.: Easily refer your query to th

Aragonese Spellchecker

Diccionario ortografico ta programas que faigan servir o corrector Hunspell: LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird. Aragonese spelling dictionary for software using the Hunspell spellchecker: LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird.

Asturian Spellchecker

Correutor ortográficu de llingua asturiana. Asturian language spellchecking dictionary.


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