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This Version Of The Body-Parameters-Monitor Template (Versie 20140321) Helps You Registering Glucose Values In Blood, Blood Pressure Results, Weight/Bmi And Even Temperature-Evolution [1]. The Last Topic Even With An Extra Added Diagram For Cusum Trend Line [2]. In Order To Monitor, This Spreadsheet Shows Four Separate Worksheets. Diagrams Are In Each Worksheet Supplied For All Topics. On The Bottom Of Each Worksheet Are Calculated The Intermediate Values. This Spreadsheet Is Appropriate For Patients Suffering From Heart Disease And/Or Diabetes Or Anyone Else Having Interest To Monitor Their Essential Body Parameters And To Provide Eventually An Overview To Their Gp Or Other Medical Expert. The Spreadsheet Is Made Up In The Dutch Language And Suits For Belgian Situations, But Can Afaik Easily Be Translated And Adapted To Other Situations And Languages. Do Not Hesitate To Do So. Thank You! [1] Please Keep In Mind, If Temperature-Evolution (Ogino-Knaus Method) Is Practiced As A Method Of Contraception, People Involved In This Way Of Contraception Are Usually Called... Parents! :-) [2] Cusum Trend Line Is A Tool Which Can Be Found In The Extra Diagram At The Right Hand Side Of The Temperature Worksheet, That Indicates Clearly Female Cycli, On The Sole Condition That The Temperature-Evolution Worksheet Contains Only Continued Daily Probes Of Women Temperatures Taken In Early Morning. Daily Temperature Probes Should Exclusively Be Started At The Beginning Of A New Menstruation Cycle. It May Sound Sad, But... It May Be Advisable To Change To Another Decent (Preferably A Free Sofware/Open Source, I.E. "Foss") Browser If At The Download Of The Open Document Template File (*.Ots File) It Seems That Its Extension Is Renamed And/Or The Complete File Is Dissected And/Or Corrupted, Or The Effort To Download Leaves A Blank Page In The Browser Without Any Download Activity.

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This version of the Body-parameters-monitor template (versie 20140321) helps you registering glucose values in blood, blood pressure results, weight/BMI and even temperature-evolution [1]. The last topic even with an extra added diagram for CUSUM trend line [2]. In order to monitor, this spreadsheet shows four separate worksheets. Diagrams are in each worksheet supplied for all topics. On the bottom of each worksheet are calculated the intermediate values. This spreadsheet is appropriate for patients suffering from heart disease and/or diabetes or anyone else having interest to monitor their essential body parameters and to provide eventually an overview to their GP or other medical expert. The spreadsheet is made up in the Dutch language and suits for Belgian situations, but can AFAIK easily be translated and adapted to other situations and languages. Do not hesitate to do so. Thank you! [1] Please keep in mind, if temperature-evolution (Ogino-Knaus method) is practiced as a method of contraception, people involved in this way of contraception are usually called... parents! :-) [2] CUSUM trend line is a tool which can be found in the extra diagram at the right hand side of the temperature worksheet, that indicates clearly female cycli, on the sole condition that the temperature-evolution worksheet contains only continued daily probes of women temperatures taken in early morning. Daily temperature probes should exclusively be started at the beginning of a new menstruation cycle. IT MAY SOUND SAD, BUT... It may be advisable to change to another decent (preferably a free sofware/open source, i.e. "FOSS") browser if at the download of the open document template file (*.ots file) it seems that its extension is renamed and/or the complete file is dissected and/or corrupted, or the effort to download leaves a blank page in the browser without any download activity.


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This version of the Body-parameters-monitor template (versie 20140321) has a few enhancements which make purposes even more clear.

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