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  • LibreOffice GetRest Plugin

    30 7
    in Calc Extension

    LibreOffice Calc Add-Inn extension. Extension adds 2 new function to LibreOffice Calc. Function GET(URL) offer u to get data from the internet by simple get request. Example: get(",uk") Function PARSEJSON(JSON,PATTERN) returns substructure of JSON structure getting according to pattern. Example:d In cell A1 we have value from previous example and in cell A2 parsejson(A1,"weather.get(1).main") the value of A2 will be Rain.

  • LMD Malva de Perkin (Color palette)

    29 4
    May 23, 2019 in All modules, Gallery Contents, Writer Extension, Calc Extension, Impress Extension, Draw Extension, Base Extension, Math Extension, Extension Building

    Esta extensión contiene una paleta de colores: comienza con el color negro, 10 gamas de grises y el blanco. A continuación, se incluye 51 tonalidades de color malva, violetas, púrpuras, etc.

  • CountStyle

    27 11
    Nov 15, 2019 in Calc Extension

    Two Calc functions for counting cells or cell content by cell style. Compatible with both Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

  • Improved trend lines (CorelPolyGUI)

    22 0
    Apr 25, 2013 in Calc Extension

    CorelPolyGUI plots extra trend lines such as linear and polynomial with forced intercept option, or moving average.

  • Fixed values for Calc

    22 0
    Aug 24, 2011 in Calc Extension

    This extension creates two menu items in Calc to insert current date or current time in the selected cell as a fixed value.

  • Calendar for Calc

    22 1
    Apr 25, 2013 in Calc Extension

    View calendar and easily insert dates in selected cells.

  • QuantLib Addin

    21 7
    in Calc Extension

    Calc addin for QuantLib (financial library).

  • Regex Tools

    21 8
    Aug 02, 2017 in Calc Extension

    This extension aims to provide Calc functions using Regex.

  • LMD Color of the Year (Color Pallette)

    21 0
    May 23, 2019 in Writer Extension, Calc Extension, Impress Extension, Draw Extension, Base Extension, Math Extension, Extension Building

    [ES] Paleta de colores compuesta por negro, 10 niveles de gris y blanco, seguido de los colores del año desde el 2000 al 2019. [EN] Color palette composed of black, 10 levels of gray and white, followed by the colors of the year from 2000 to 2019.

  • zzERP

    20 1
    in Calc Extension

    Tools for managing a nano-ERP with Calc.

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To install an extension, follow these steps:
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  • In LibreOffice, select Tools --> Extension Manager from the menu bar.
  • In the Extension Manager dialog click Add.
  • A file browser window opens. Navigate to the folder where you saved the LibreOffice extension file(s) on your system. The extension's files have the file extension 'OXT'.
  • Find and select the extension you want to install and click Open.
  • If this extension is already installed, you'll be prompted to press OK to confirm whether to overwrite the current version by the new one, or press Cancel to stop the installation.
  • After you are asked whether to install the extension only for your user or for all users. If you choose the Only for me option, the extension will be installed only for your user. If you choose For all users, you need system administrator rights. In this case the extension will be available for all users. In general, choose Only for me, that doesn't require administration rights on the operating system.


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