Orthos - Greek speller, dictionary and thesaurus

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Modern Greek spell checker dictionary and thesaurus for LibreOffice. Also provides an add-on for Mozilla projects.

Project Description

Project Orthos - Greek speller, dictionary and thesaurus
Orthos (Greek Ορθός) is, primarily, a modern Greek language spell checking project. It is based on Hunspell/Aspell, provides the dictionaries and creates suitable LibreOffice extensions. It also creates a basic Greek thesaurus extension.

Version 0.4 also contains a Greek spell checker for Mozilla projects (Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey).

This was started as a fork of the LibreGreek GIT project at https://github.com/squibbylinux/LibreGreek. Read the README files there to find out more about the background of the project and the origin of its parts. LibreGreek was at the time I got it the latest project and had most of the pieces required. In my search I found that it included the latest Greek language support files. Nontheless it was almost 3 years old and not maintained. In addition other related projects (ex. openthesaurus.gr) are no longer accessible.

The project objectives are:
1. to *further* develop the Greek support for Hunspell in a more systematic way.
2. to collect, in a single project, the best support material for the Greek language that the Greek FOSS community has produced so far for Libre Office into a single project and make it easier to find and maintain
3. to maintain a, hopefully, standard Greek wordlist similar to the efforts made by other projects
4. to enhance the Greek dictionary with aff rules to make it easier to maintain
5. to eventually incorparate grammar rules and grammar checking
6. to develop/enhance a Greek thesaurus
7. To influence software development to incorporate features that suit the Greek language

See also the README and README.Changes files for more information.

To install in LibreOffice
You need one of the files named orthosgreek-<version>.oxt
Install by using the Extensions manager.
Note: that even though you can install multiple extensions you SHOULD NOT have two dictionaries active at the same time.

There are four versions available:

1. orthosgreek-el_GR-<ver>.oxt
2. orthosgreek-el_GR-en_US-<ver>.oxt
3. orthosgreek-el_GR-el_CY-<ver>.oxt
4. orthosgreek-thesaurus-<ver>.oxt

The first one is a purely Greek dictionary for those that do not need English.
The second one is a combination of Greek/English dictionary.
The third one is a combination of Greek and Cypriot dialect additions (currently experimental).
The fourth is a Greek thesaurus.




Dictionary, Language Tools

Homepage of the Project


Current Release

Orthos - Greek speller dictionary and thesaurus - 0.3

Released Jun 30, 2017 — tested with:

LibreOffice 4.0, LibreOffice 4.1, LibreOffice 4.2, LibreOffice 4.3, LibreOffice 4.4, LibreOffice 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1,

First stable release
More about this release…

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All platforms
All platforms

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Jun 30, 2017
  • All platforms
  • LibreOffice 4.0
  • LibreOffice 4.1
  • LibreOffice 4.2
  • LibreOffice 4.3
  • LibreOffice 4.4
  • LibreOffice 5.0
  • LibreOffice 5.1
First stable release
  • LGPL-v2.1 (GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1)

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