Numbertext - 1.0 beta 3

New Bulgarian (bg), Croatian (hr), Icelandic (is), Malaysian (ms) and Swiss Standard German (de-CH, de-LI) language support and more functions.

Release Details

2018-05-28: beta 3 release:
    * src: numbertext renamed to spellout
    * libnumbertext: fix cppcheck warnings by Julien Nabet
    * java: add -encoding utf8 to javac call by Rene Engelhard
    * LO extension: default capitalization, missing capitalization
              was reported by TileStonePro
    * bg.sor: new Bulgarian module by Mihail Balabanov
    * cs.sor: fix for ordinal numbers, bug report by Stanislav Horáček
    * hu.sor: add number, letter, day and month affixation
              for extended number, cross reference and date formats
    * is.sor: new Icelandic module by László Németh
    * it.sor: add missing groups in ordinal numbers,
              the problem was reported by Valter Mura
    * lt.sor: fix typo, correct ordinal-number,
              problem was reported by Modestas Rimkus
    * ru.sor: ordinal numbers and fixes by Mike Kaganski
    * sl.sor: ordinals, also genders and adverbials,
              using also information by Martin Srebotnjak
    * sv.sor: fix typos
    * zh.sor: real native Simplified Chinese expressions by Suokunlong
    * *.xcu:
      - Bulgarian translation by Mihail Balabanov
      - Spanish translation by Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
      - fix typo by Rene Engelhard
    * web:
      - fix typo by Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
      - add Bulgarian and Icelandic modules

2018-04-26: László Németh (nemeth numbertext org):
    * rename numbertext executable to spellout,
      add default data path: /usr/share/numbertext
      and support environmental variable NUMBERTEXTPATH
    * fix platform incompabilities
    * Greek cardinal and ordinal genders


2018-04-25: László Németh (nemeth numbertext org):
        * fix platform issues
        * Greek cardinal and ordinal genders

2018-04-19: László Németh (nemeth numbertext org):

    * More ordinal numbers (prefix: ordinal) and ordinal indicator formats (prefix: ordinal-number) and other functions

    * see full function list with =NUMBERTEXT("help") (Enlarge the row height to see all rows of the module help)

    * Soros programming language: revised draft:
    - conditional text, prefix macros, language
      variant program lines
    * improved interpreters
    * C++11 port
    * language data:
    - new Malaysian and Swiss Standard German
    - compressed language modules
    - instead of hu_HU_2, ja_JP_2, zh_ZH_2,
      "formal" prefix allows formal number names here.
      For example, MONEYTEXT(1200;"money HUF";"hu")
      results "egyezerkettőszáz forint" instead of
      "ezerkétszáz forint",
      MONEYTEXT(123;"formal";"ja") results "参百弐拾壱"
      instead of "三百二十一"
    - instead of en_US_2, use "money" prefix combined
      with currencies, eg. MONEYTEXT(1.01;"money USD")
      results "one and 1/100 U.S. dollar" in LibreOffice
      instead of "one U.S. dollar and one cent".

2016-05-24: Liudas Ališauskas
        * Fix Lithuanian module

2014-05-10: Mihovil Stanić (mihovil.stanic gmail com):
        * new Croatian module

2013-03-16: Jerzy Moruś
        * Polish translation of LibO extension resource data


BSD (BSD License (revised)), LGPL-v2.1 (GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1),


LibreOffice 6.0, LibreOffice 5.1,

Available Downloads

numbertext-1.0b3.oxt Linux, Linux-x64, Mac OS X, Windows
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