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Spreadsheet for calculating grade based on weighted components.

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Spreadsheet for calculating grade based on weighted components. It uses conditionals to ensure that only components that have been graded thus far are included in the calculation (ie: you don't start with a zero in everything). Likewise, conditionals are being used to check if things *have* been added, so when you do it's automatically included in the calculation - no need to change cell range/ count / &c.; The template as shown has space allocated for five categories(eg: Homeworks, Tests, Labs, Final) , but if you need more it's a simple matter of cutting and pasting columns, or if less just delete a few. In short, all you should need to worry about doing is adding the weights (once) and the grades (as they come) and you'll always have an idea where you stand. Enjoy.

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Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes   2.0 I've reworked the layout a bit so that it is even more flexible and automatic. Additionally, there is no longer a limit on the number of items per category. 4.2 Download 1.0 Final 4.2 Download


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