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A Great start in preparing plans for work shift. Important time of the days can be monitored to ensure sufficient man hours are provided for. A table displays by weeks the number of hours to compare with local Employees Acts and Regulations.

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This template is to achieve the following objectives; 1. Assign or chart work days (by hours) within 29 to 31 day cycles 2. Identify number of hours spent each week 3. Identify number of hours up to 31 days 4. Able to support 8 persons/teams or more 5. Identify number of persons to cater for each block of time and ensure that no hours are left out The Shift Planner provides a quick guide to schedule simple shift rotation. The total number of hours per week displayed is to assist in meeting local requirements. A total of 3 type of shifts can be listed. Example by day, night and transitional. Updated for LibreOffice 5.

Release List

Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes   1.0 Its more flexible to support different number of time slots and additional team members. 4.0 CC-BY 1. Can now alternate between 3 and 6 slot shifts. 2. Additional users/teams can be added. 3. Update the calculation for 31 days week. Now needs permission to run macro. This option needs medium security which can be found in the menu Tools-> Options-> Security-> Macro security. Restart of the LibreOffice is needed for changes to security. Please see your documentation to Enable macros. Download 0.2 Fixed minor bugs and added colours to make more presentable. 3.6 CC-BY Download 0.1 Waahh! Welcome to the world! 3.6 CC-BY Download


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