Shared Technical Terminology Thesaurus

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last edited: 2023-01-24

Shared Technical Terminology Thesaurus - a terminology checker plugin helping organizations enforce consistent terminology in technical and other documents.

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Rules are fetched from a central HTTP(S) server and updated automatically, a cached copy will be kept locally for offline use. Usage ===== - put rules.csv on a HTTP(s) server in your network - install STTT extension - configure rules.csv URL in Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> STTT Terminology - check Writing Aids configuration in Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Writing Aids -> Edit... make sure that for every language you're intending to use the STTT grammar plugin is active _and_ the first item in the list (as of this writing you cannot have more than one active grammar plugin) Example rules.csv ================= locale;search;replace;comment en-US;my search term;replacement term;We should only use the replacement term If you want more than one replacement term simply add extra lines in the csv file: locale;search;replace;comment en-US;my search term;first replacement term;We should only use the replacement term en-US;my search term;another replacement term; en-US;my search term;last replacement term; Note: Only the first comment will be shown in the context menu!

Release List

Release: 0.0.2 – First release.

Compatibility: 4.0
Operating Systems:
License: LGPL


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