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Commission rate is the percentage amount given to the salesmen on a fixed amount of sales; Commission depends on the total amount as well as on other factors like gross and net profit. Sometime business offers a profit based commission, when there is a marked difference between the profits of different products. It could be an additional payment to the salesman who sells the product on the most profitable price.

If the business wants to take out the overdue cash from some customers then the sales staff is initiated the gain commission on the total cash received from the sales.

If your business offers a commission on inventory which is going to be obsolete soon, it means that the business want to kick out those products from the stocks.

If the sales person brings some extra ordinary percentage of sales then it is called override then the commission rate is quite different and slightly high from the ordinary rates.


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Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes   1.0 An online template like sales Commission tracker template can aid the sales manager to determine the total earnings by each employee and differentiate it from his pay. 4.0

The tracker templates are available to use in an excel format that can aid you in recording the total revenue every individual is producing within your team and it also helps in the calculation of the commission that each member will take along with him . One benefit of this sales commission calculator that you will get to know the good and poor performers of your team.



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