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For health-conscious people who make food with style.

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Creating your recipe collection is made easy with this program. No messing around with different notes; keep everything at one place. Know the nutritional values of your foods, and plan them with the right balance - you will not be lacking anything at the end of the meal. Get the intended results without having to remember the proportion of ingredients. And notice how the taste changes with a little modification.
There is information best conveyed with pictures - so you can add a full gallery to each recipe, and reorder it as you wish.
The program comes with sharing/portability functions too. The safety of your data is of number one priority.

Release List

Release: 18.1.1 – First release on this site.
Important: The program contains folders for the images, therefore it comes as a zip file which you will need to unpack.
It could however only be uploaded with .ots extension, so you need to rename it.

Compatibility: 6.0
Operating Systems: Windows


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  • Linda Protani Jan 16, 2023, 1:23 PM (15 days ago)

    I had the same problem on a Lenovo Desktop running Windows 10 and received the same error message as in the review by Gary Gauthier. Would love to see this working!

  • Gary Gauthier Dec 18, 2021, 6:39 PM (14 months ago)

    I'm on an M1 Mac mini running Monterey and the ARM version of OfficeLibre. When trying to access the recipe editor the following message is displayed:

    BASIC runtime error.
    An exception occurred
    Message: The connection to the data source "Recipe organizer v18.1.1" could not be established..

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