Paragraph ciphers PNBT-0-simple 8bit

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last edited: 2023-01-24

Ensuring pieces of content for transmission over insecure storage clouds and so on. It also features encryption option to save in TXT, classically on paper, archiving and future to retrieve and decrypt using OCR. It also serves option to print a report


The first version for beta testing includes basic equipment and a lot of description. Does not include an engine pRND (pseudo - random generator) formed as an algorithm buildings Bergers table. Despite this, and so only the basic sBox(j) has a relatively good parameters. Cipher the procedures to handle the encrypted text formatting, which in this version is not. To that end, I spoke to the author expansion AltSearch and TypoJTB Mr. Bilek has agreed to finish according to my needs. Furthermore, it should be a cipher with a main engine and sophisticated controls. Cipher should be concealed and should be read as the only source text into a dialogue which will be secured against forgetfulness, and so on. The texts will be limited and will only be displayed in the windows of dialogue (now it MsgBox). Finally, the code adapted to transmission by compression on formula. Now the cipher ugly and doubly great for display in hexadacimálním format. After compression should have a format less than the source text.

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