Page Numbering Addon

Simplifying page numbering in LibreOffice/OpenOffice

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latest release: 2024-03-21 20:57:18


Page Numbering Addon

This plugin, or by LO/OO terminology add-on(an extension that includes any kind of UI implementation/customization), includes the following features:


  • Add page numbering without taking page-break system into account

    Although Page Breaks are an intuitive and effective approach for document layout and styling, users migrating from Microsoft Office suites find it more than difficult to understand)

  • Configure styling options such as Font, Character height, Alignment and page position (Header/Footer)

  • Page offset and First page options

  • Numbering type selection such as Roman, Arabic or Greek

  • Multiple Page numbering setups per document

  • Compatibility with all modern LibreOffice/OpenOffice versions


Python Dependencies

  • libreoffice-script-provider-python package or even better uno-tools
  • uno-tools required dependencies
    • 3.4 or later
    • Python 3.3 or later


Please report any issues here:



Discussion about the extension as well as suggestions can be issued either on the repo or at the following IRC channel:!





Documentation regarding the usage of Page Numbering Addon is included in the corresponding LibreOffice Help Page accessible through:

Help->LibreOffice Help (F1)-> Page Numbering Addon


From 6.1 and on versions, the help system has changed. However the same help pages are still accessible through the "Help" dialog button of the main extension window.


Documentation relevant to the development and the logic that implements this extension is included in the following link:




This extension started as part of the Librecust project that was developed during Google Summer of Code 2018 for GFOSS:


Arvanitis Christos (info)


Kostas Papadimas

Theodoros Karounos


Right now, mainly because of the interest in development and usage from users, the project is developed independently.

Additional documentation:


Release List

Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes   0.0.2 Localization additions (it) and minor fixes 5.0 Linux, Windows GPL Download 0.0.1 First release of Page Numbering Addon 3.4 Linux, Windows GPL

First release of Page Numbering Addon

external link


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  • nobody Nov 10, 2020, 11:15 PM (4 years ago)

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    Hello! I just want to say "thank you, thank you, thank you!" for developing the page number add-on for Libre. I was at my wits end trying to number the pages of my document following the rather complex Libre instructions for doing it, but your add-on made it so simple!

  • ArthurMaina Jul 2, 2020, 2:01 PM (4 years ago)

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


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