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"MyRecipes" is a working LibreOffice Base example project to manage kitchen recipes and produce grocery shopping lists.

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This database project is a complete working recipe maintenance sample. The tables are built and populated with sample data. There are forms for creating, editing and deleting records for recipes, food items, pantry contents, and cooking instructions. You can print individual recipes and select recipes to produce a shopping list of required items minus what is already in your pantry to take to the grocery store. You may choose to print to a file and email it to your phone. It includes macros to automate form navigation, record marking, and a main menu switchboard form. However, it can be used without macros if you choose. A Writer document describing its setup and operation is included.

Release List

Release: 1.0 – Initial release. Example Base application to use as recipe manager and learning to use the database resources.

Compatibility: 4.4
Operating Systems:
ReleaseNotes: This is a collection of files designed to be used with LibreOffice Base to manage typical home kitchen recipes. The tables are designed and populated with real sample data. The relationships are completed, forms and reports made to work everything in concert to become a total Base application. There is a companion Writer file to explain the setup and use of the database. The user should be able to use it as a real world recipe manager and learn from it the concepts to begin to be able to do other productive projects in Base.


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  • otero antonio Jun 10, 2020, 5:42 AM (2 years ago)

    The greatest and unique database I have found all over the internet and books, easy,light and simple to understand how a database is build and how anybody can make use of the tools the technology have available for all.

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