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This template is an attempt at creating a nice and modern looking default template for LibreOffice Writer. It is derrived from the "modern"-template which is shipped with LibreOffice by default. However, my version only uses the Adobe Source Pro font-f

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This template can be used as a replacement for the default template. Main motivation was to have a good template for writing seminar papers with beautiful out-of-the box results.

The fonts used in this template are Source Serif Pro (for text) and Source Sans Pro (for headings). Moreover, the following characteristica for "text body" are set as standard settings: Font size 12, Justification, Hyphenation, Line-Spacing: 1.5. All other settings follow the "modern"-template shipped with LibreOffice by default.


Note: Source Serif Pro and Source Sans Pro are bundled by default with LibreOffice since version 6.2 (Source). So this template works on Windows and Mac OS out of the box without any problems. On GNU/Linux it depends on whether your distribution provides packages for the two mentioned fonts. For Ubuntu, this is not yet the case so that LibreOffice will automatically substitute them for other fonts. This will hopefully change in the future (Source).

Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • 1.0 Since Source Serif Pro now has true italics and is also bundled with LibreOffice by default, this template is now considered ready for an 1.0 version. I also simplified the template considerably and fixed a couple of bugs hereby. 6.2 Linux, Windows, macOS CC-BY Download
  • 0.5 First release. Since 'Source Serif Pro' does not support true italics yet, it is not considered a 1.0 version. 6.2 Linux, Windows, macOS CC-BY Download


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