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Lightproof grammar checker rule editor for LibreOffice ====================================================== source: git:// or see version 0.1 (2012-02-01) 2009–2012 (c) László Németh (nemeth at numbertext dot org), license: MPL 1.1 / GPLv3+ / LGPLv3+ This software was developed with support from Foundation, Hungary. Introduction: Installation ------------ 1. Via Tools -> Extension manager in OOo/LibreOffice 2. or with unopkg tool, for example [install_path\program\]unopkg add -f lightproof_editor-0.1.oxt Usage ----- Note: there is a huge starting time (seconds) of LibreOffice with the Lightproof editor extension. [Removing the unnecessary locales from src/editor/editor.cfg of Lightproof source and generating a new editor extension can solve this problem.] The Lightproof editor extension contains a special grammar checker component and a LibreOffice Writer toolbar. The editor can update its grammar checker component based on the Lightproof rules in the current Writer document. Note: for languages without 'official LibreOffice' Hunspell dictionaries or languages with default LibreOffice grammar checking (English, Russian and Hungarian in LibO 3.5) have to modify some settings, too, see doc/manual.txt in the zipped extension, or you can choose a neutral language (eg. Esperanto) for your Writer document during the rule development. Only the Hunspell-related Lightproof functions, eg. spell(), morph() need the correct language. After the successful installation (and settings), you can check the work of the grammar checking component of the editor with the following text: a a The repeating letters will be underlined with blue wavy line (thanks to the default a a -> a # Did you mean rule of the grammar checker component of the editor). Write the following Lightproof rule in an empty Writer document: b b -> b # suggestion Click on the first icon on the Lightproof editor toolbar. The 'b b' text will be underlined with blue wavy line as a grammar mistake with the 'b' suggestion and 'suggestion' explanation. Load and modify the English Lightproof rules (src/en/en.dat, online: or decribe new rules based on doc/syntax.txt (online:, but these files can be found in the oxt (zipped) file of the Lightproof editor extension, too). See also doc/manual.txt (online: and Toolbar icons ------------- 1. Apply rules Compile and the default Lightproof rules in the current document and update the Lightproof editor grammar checker component. 2. Apply all rules Compile and apply all (including optional) Lightproof rules in the current document and update the relevant component. 3. Debug rules Check the current text and report run time errors (eg. in the Python conditions of the rules).

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Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes   0.1-2 Small fix of the suggestion formatting. 3.3 MPL Download 0.1 Initial release 3.5 MPL Download


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  • David Regenspan Dec 14, 2022, 2:39 PM (17 months ago)

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    Unfortunately, on my win11 laptop with LO 7.4, this extension will not activate, nor can it be re-installed. Program syntax errors flash on the screen. I wonder if others have this issue.

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