LibreOffice GetRest Plugin

LibreOffice Calc Add-Inn extension.
Extension adds 2 new function to LibreOffice Calc.
Function GET(URL) offer u to get data from the internet by simple get request.
Function PARSEJS

Calc Extensions


LibreOfficeGetRest plugin is Calc Add-Ins Extension which adds two functions to LibreOffice calc.
## Added functions ### 1) Get Get function allow user to perform get request to remote server end get data from it.
Syntax: =get(URL) Where URL is URL which to send a GET request.
Value of cell will be result of get request.
Cell content:
Cell value:
```javascript { "coord":{ "lon":-0.13, "lat":51.51 }, "sys":{ "type":1, "id":5091, "message":0.1999, "country":"GB", "sunrise":1413008314, "sunset":1413047741 }, "weather":[ { "id":801, "main":"Clouds", "description":"few clouds", "icon":"02d" } ], "base":"cmc stations", "main":{ "temp":287.3, "pressure":1011, "humidity":62, "temp_min":285.15, "temp_max":289.15 }, "wind":{ "speed":5.1, "deg":230 }, "clouds":{ "all":20 }, "dt":1413046702, "id":2643743, "name":"London", "cod":200 } ``` ### 2) Parse JSON Parse JSON function allow u to get JSON substructure or direct value from JSON structure. Syntax: =PARSEJSON(JSON,Pattern) Where JSON is valid JSON structure. Pattern is a set of commands to parser splited by dote symbol '.' command.command.command. There two different commands get(XXX) which return the XXX element of JSON array structure, and objectName command which get the value of json object by its name.
Value of cell will be result of parsing if JSON valid and pattern correct or error message otherwise
Cell content:
```javascript { "firstName": "John", "lastName": "Smith", "isAlive": true, "age": 25, "height_cm": 167.6, "address": { "streetAddress": "21 2nd Street", "city": "New York", "state": "NY", "postalCode": "10021-3100" }, "phoneNumbers": [ { "type": "home", "number": "212 555-1234" }, { "type": "office", "number": "646 555-4567" } ], "children": [], "spouse": null } ``` A2: =parsejson(A1,"phoneNumbers.get(1).number")
Cell value:
646 555-4567

Additional documentation:


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