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Simple auto-increment invoice generator - easily customized and straightforward to use.

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JustInvoice: Simple Invoice generator

Easy to Configure:

  • Easy to modify invoice - change range definitions to specify invoice number and date cells.
  • Configuration options ( directory, company abbreviation etc ) are part of template document ( not in code ).


Push the green button:

  • Fills in next invoice number automatically ( you can enter a new starting point )
  • Fills in date
  • Generates a filename similar to:  Invoice1234-ACME-Cust.odf
  • Saves in invoice folder

Push the PDF Button:

  • PDF button to generate, for example,     ./PDF/Invoice1234-ACME-Cust.pdf

Push the Add Row Button:

  • Button to easily add rows to invoice.


Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • 1.1 Invoice template with Invoice number auto-increment and a save filename including invoice number, company and client abbreviations. 5.0 Linux, Windows, macOS CC-BY

    First Release


    By using this template you assume all responsibilities and risks.

    Developed on Linux. Not tested elsewhere.

    Setup: Modify to reflect your own company. Don't forget to enter a abbreviated company name which will be used in the filename of each invoice - keep it short!


         1)  Open template and press green button.

    • You can set a starting invoice number here ( which will be automatically incremented the next time you open the template )
    • Enter an abbreviation for the customer name - you will see the generated invoice filename which will be saved ( and also used for the pdf generation )

         2)  Change Orange highlighted areas ( they will automatically change to white ) and other areas to make your invoice.

         3) Press the PDF button to generate a pdf

         4) Close the file and say YES to save your changes!

         5) Open the template again - press the green button and you should see the next invoice number generated.

    It will create Invoice and PDFs directories under the base directory on first use.


    Feedback Welcome!


    Forseen use cases:

    Identical settings in multiple templates: Handy for different types of billing with different layouts but incrementing from the same invoice number.

    Slightly different company abbreviation: Identify different employees/templates generating invoices.

    Different base directory: different company with own (potentially same) invoice numbers.


    Known Risks:

     A very rare possibility: For multiple users from a shared filesystem; If the template is used simultaneously they will both try to claim the next invoice number. In most cases one will see the number is taken and refuse to use it but there's a very slight chance the first file will get written in between the check and write of the second file.The check and save happens after the dialog is closed and in immediate succession.



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