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last edited: 2023-01-24


Hicontrast icon theme as shipped with LibreOffice before version 6.1

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Homepage: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Design

Release List

Release: 1.0 – Icon theme as provided prior to LibreOffice 6.1

Compatibility: 6.0
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, macOS
License: MPL

Other Extensions

Breeze color palette

Colors as used by the KDE project


Custom palette export

Exporter for the custom palette


Formatted Dummy Text

Inserts dummy text with formattings such as paragraph and character style, direct formatting, images, tables, captions, LTR and RTL text, hidden sections, frames, and bookmarks.


Galaxy icon theme

Galaxy icon theme as shipped with LibreOffice prior version 6.1


High contrast icon theme

Hicontrast icon theme as shipped with LibreOffice before version 6.1


Industrial icon theme

Icon theme as provided by LibreOffice in the past



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  • Erik Magnusson Dec 17, 2022, 6:01 PM (43 days ago)

    Beautiful appearance, but it does not work in LibreOffice 7.4. Apparently there are high-ontrast icons, but no other high-contrast TOOLBARS besides this one, and unfortunately, this theme does not even work, as many other users have reported already online.

    Am I doing something wrong? No, silly. Obviously I would not come to this conclusion and post it online, without first trying all of the other suggestions online, such as re-boot, re-start, re-install, click OK, click APPLY, try this, try that, it must be your firmware, try updating, it must be your computer, it must be the OS, it will probably be fixed in the next version, and all the other naive suggestions that people propose who have not used a high-contrast theme to begin with, and consequently don't know what they are talking about. We are looking for proven solutions, not just friendly suggestions, but we appreciate the good intentions. I wish folks could just learn how to say, "Gee. I don't know the solution," instead of wasting our time with, "What you need to do is to try the following...and if that doesn't work, try...." Thanks for the good intentions, everybody, but please post solutions!

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