Context-Aware Synonym Suggester (CASS)

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CASS (Context Aware Synonym Suggestion) strives to create an environment in OpenOffice/LibreOffice that implements advanced Word Sense Disambiguation algorithms in user friendly way. The goal of CASS is to improve how large bodies of text are processed. I

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CASS is a context sensitive Synonym Suggester that makes use of WordNet as a knowledge source to retrieve synsets, definitions, word senses, and other details for given words. CASS is built using Word Sense Disambiguiation algorithns, both existing and improved, in order to create a list of synonym suggestions that are accurate and relevant to the user based on the context for any given word.


Installation Guide

(Requires only minimal configuration and tweaking):

1. Install the .oxt file by using your extension manager in open office / LibreOffice  (under tools->extension manager) Link to .oxt 

2. Unzip and copy the following file to /usr/lib/ directory

3.Once the extension is installed you will be able to execute it, and get your smarter suggestions, by running the macro called CASS (find under tool->macro->run macro)

How to add a button for a macro in an OpenOffice document


Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • 1.0 Smart synonym suggestion! 5.0 Linux, Windows, macOS GPL external link


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