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Simple, self-localized, gregorian type date picker for Calc

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While pointing on a cell or a multi-cells selection, just do ctrl + right-click (cmd⌘ + right-click on MacOS) to show the pop-up calendar. Then click on any date to insert it into the selected cells.

By now, calCalc only supports gregorian calendar.

calCalc uses the default date format for the cell locale, unless some custom number formatting is already applied.


Clicking once the month/year label turns it red and allows to browse calendar by year instead of by month. Clicking again restores monthly browsing.

Source code

calCalc in en_US environment under Windows 10
calCalc in ja environment under Windows 10
calCalc in fr environment under Linux Mint

Release List

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  • 0.2 6.2 Linux, Windows, macOS CC0 Download


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