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last edited: 2023-01-24

A better, more end-user friendly version of the Budget template, introducing goal-oriented functionality without scripts or extra add-ons.

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BetterBudget is a more user-friendly version of the Budget template, specifically targeted at personal, goal-oriented budgeting.  Additional features have been added to this fork of Budget:

  • Refined Style scheme with cell lockout to prevent typos in fast-pace data-entry scenarios.
  • Addition of "savings" fields for savings accounts, factoring into the column totals.
  • Net and Gross totals, before and after Savings calculations.
  • Savings Goal setting.  Specify a monthly target in total savings and watch as the spreadsheet reacts graphically, letting you become aware of how close you are to your yearly savings goal, or how much improvement you need to make.
  • Report Card feature for an end-year, grade-school style letter grade of your budgeting efforts.

If you would like to see this template fork develop further, thumbs-up to show your support!

This template was built on the Budget 2.5 base

Tested and working on LibreOffice Suite x64


Release List

Release: 1.0.0 – Initial release

Compatibility: 5.0
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
License: CC-BY

Release 1.0.0

The initial release of the template file.  If you enjoy this work, please show your support for more improvements, additional releases, and bugfixes!


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