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VersionMgr is a tool to manage your LibreOffice document version numbers.

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VersionMgr helps maintaining a consistent versioning scheme for your documents:

  • Auto-numbering (numbers, uppercase or lowercase letters).
  • Select the items that should appear in the document name and file name.
  • Numbering scheme settings (numbering type and auto-incrementation).
  • Integrates version information to the document metadata, thus can be reused within the document.
  • Comes as a toolbar with three buttons.
  • Has a help page.
  • UI is in English or in French (other languages easy to add using PO files; see the help file).

Release List

Release: VersionMgr v.0.9.11 – First public release.

Compatibility: 5.4
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
License: GPL

Other Extensions


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