Présentation losanges bleus et amarante

A template for Impress with 3 master pages.

Impress Templates
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latest release: 2024-03-04 23:09:15


3 master pages, font Noto sans, the template includs some shapes for lists.

3 diapos maîtresses, police Noto Sans, éléments de listes.


Feel free to translate it.



Release List

Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes   Losanges bleus et amarante V2 More shapes, in English and in French. Bilingue, plus de formes. 6.1 Linux, Windows, macOS CC-BY

It offers 11 shapes SmartArt like to be used or not. The explanations are in English and in French, so you can see the presentation in kind of "real life" and also it helps you if you want to make some changes on it.

Elle propose 11 formes smartartoïdes à utiliser, ou pas. Les explciations sont en français et en anglais ce qui vous permet de voir en quelque sorte le "rendu réel" et, évidemment, ça sert d'aide si vous voulez modifier deux-trois trucs.


Other Extensions

Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) parme

Purple banners or green shapes in the background of the headings - Tab levels.



Not rated yet

Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) filets caramel

Decorative backgrounds with light brown or dark blue lines, photo.



Not rated yet

Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) saumon

Photo, the top of the first page and the bottom have a light orange or a grey background.



Not rated yet

Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) vert émeraude

A simple template easy two use in two versions.



Not rated yet

Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) bleu paon

Blue background on the top of the first page and on the bottom of the other pages. Easy to use and to customize.



Not rated yet

Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) prune et pelure d’oignon

Photo. Lines in two shades of pink. Easy to use and to customize. Feel free to translate it.Photo, filets prune et pelure d’oignon. Pagination dans un cadre.


Not rated yet


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