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Geiriadur Cymraeg (data 2023) - Welsh Dictionary (2023 data)

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Extension uses GPL3-licensed dictionary data from 2012 (v1.7+) by Bangor University, with new 2023 data included.



Release List

  • Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes  
  • v1.8 ~300 more words 3.3 Linux, Windows, macOS GPL
    • 224 mwy o eiriau, rhan fwyaf o Eirfa Natur (1958) gan Wasg Prifysgol Cymru
    • dileu dau air
    • ychwanegu'r ffurfiau cryno 'negyddu', 'fforio', 'damcaniaethu', 'cynnwys'
    • ychwanegu'r SFX 'u
  • v1.7 24 mwy o eiriau 3.3 Linux, Windows, macOS GPL
    • 24 more words
    • switched to accepting the endings 'r 'n 'm 'i 'u 'th 'ch on all words (unfortunately this accepts the word 'r'r'r'r'r' etc)
  • v1.6 2012 Bangor data with added 2023 data 3.3 Linux, Windows, macOS GPL
    • Using modified 2012 Bangor data, with improved suggestions:
      generated letter usage frequency from CorCenCC word frequency data.
    • Some improvements in spellcheck correctness as well.
    • Package is now about a third the size of v1.1 (thanks to new 2012 data being smaller than 2004).
    • All in a single dictionary (merged the temporary extra dictionary 'mwy' into 2012 data 'cy_GB').


    • Still working on issues regarding 'r 'n 'u 'i 'o 'ch 'th etc SFXes.
    • Technically less correct compared to the 2004 data, this is being worked on.
    • Know slightly fewer / different words compared to 2004 data, again this is being worked on.
  • v1.1 Updated word coverage compared to the 2004 Bangor University dictionary data. 3.3 Linux, Windows, macOS GPL

    Basic dictionary functionality with a few extra words added, more to come.


Other Extensions

Geiriadur Cymraeg - Welsh Dictionary

Geiriadur Cymraeg (data 2023) - Welsh Dictionary (2023 data)




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