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last edited: 2023-01-24

Pennsylvania Dutch spell checker for LibreOffice.


This spell checker for LibreOffice follows the Buffington-Barba-Beam orthography for Pennsylvania Dutch.  Many people incorrectly believe that Pennsylvania Dutch is not a written language.  It has been written for over 150 years, and the orthography which this spell checker follows was developed in the mid-20th Century by Professors Albert Buffington and Preston Barba and later revised by Professor Richard Beam.

This purpose of this spell checker is to support ongoing preservation efforts in the dialect and to help dispel the myth that Pennsylvania Dutch is not a written language.

Homepage: https://www.padutchdictionary.com

Release List

Release: 1.0 – Initial Release

Compatibility: 7.4
Operating Systems: Windows
License: MPL

The initial release of the Pennsylvania Dutch spell checker.  Support for verbs with separable prefixes is included.

Other Extensions

Pennsylvania Dutch Spell Checker

Pennsylvania Dutch spell checker for LibreOffice.



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