Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) filets caramel

Decorative backgrounds with light brown or dark blue lines, photo.

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latest release: 2024-06-14 09:16:00


Font: Noto sans

Two pages: Front page and Default page style

One section: "Identité", top of the first page.

Fields: Name, Title (to be entered in the File Properties).

Photo: 3 x 4 cm.

Background (area): decorative lines at the top of the first page (section) and at the bottom of the following pages. Modify the "biscuits pour cv caramel" file, export the shapes in svg and add them in the style of the concerned pages.

Two versions: caramel (brown) and cobalt (blue).

Explanations in French and in English.


Release List

Release Description Compatibility Operating Systems License Release notes   Version V2 Some minor fixes. The template now follows the same sequence of styles than my other templates, two colours 7.2 Linux, Windows, macOS CC-BY

The V2 only uses standard styles. It is in two versions: caramel and cobalt. The zip files contains both versions and the odg file with the shapes for the backgrounds (areas).



Other Extensions

Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) bleu canard et givre

Two shades of blue. Photo, round levels. Easy to use and to customize. Feel free to translate it.Photo, marques de niveau diagramme, deuxième page, pagination dans un rond.


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Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) barres aubergine

Dark violet bars at top and bottom of 1st page, bottom of others. Tables for the skills. Feel free to translate it.Barres aubergine en haut et en bas de la 1re page, en bas des autres. Tableaux de compétences.


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Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) vert-olive

Green backgrounds for the headings, green vertical border for the text. A template of resume thar required a bit of knowledge to be used (it is explained in the template). Feel free to translate it.Intertitres sur fond vert-olive prolongé par un


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Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) noisette et sable

Borders on : name, titles and bottom. Frame with level for contact.Filets noisette et sable pour le nom, les titres et les pieds de page. Cadre pour adresse avec des niveaux.


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Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) Malachite

Photo, green border, two pages. Font jost*.Photo, filets malachite, deux pages. Police jost*.


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Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) corail

Sections, chronology effect, one page.Sections, effet de chronologie, une page.


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