2020 Daily Cards Calendar, 3X5 Vertical

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A Timeplates template for making a digital calendar out of your to-do lists.

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The 2020 Daily Cards Calendar are an electronic, digital calendar that you can print out as a daily 3X5 To-do list.


Appointments can be entered directly on the date’s card. Tasks can also be copied and pasted from the Time Planner template. Any item that was not completed can be pasted onto a future day card.


This calendar can also serve as a journal. You can put in notes on the day’s card. The worksheet can then be moved to the end so that the current day is always in front.


The power of these spreadsheets is that they are can be changed to whatever you prefer. You can change the fonts, colors, and the order of the entries.


A word of caution though about changes: The column width and the row height are set so that the cards will be the right size when they are printed. Changing the column width and/or row height could cause your printed cards to be an odd size.


When completed, your cards are best printed on 110 pound index paper.


If you would like to see this calendar in a different size or format, please send me an email and tell me what you would like to see.



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