Computo metrico estimativo e contabilita' lavori su Calc

Leeno (alias Ultimus Free)

Bill of quantities (BOQ) directly in Calc.
Estensione per creare Computi Metrici Estimativi e relativa Contabilità Lavori (Registro di contabilità, SAL - Stati di Avanzamento Lavori etc.)

Area Fill Backgrounds

Images shipped by default with the gallery theme Backgrounds


LibCryptooo - Cryptographie élémentaire

LibCryptooo is an extension of basic cryptography for schools.

Caution: French menus and dialogs.


This extension enables PlantUML directly in your Writer documents.


A Logo-Python programming environment with interactive turtle vector graphics for education and desktop publishing

Libre OCR

LibreOCR is a LibreOffice extension which help users to upload images and convert them to editable documents using an external OCR service.

★ 1

LibreOffice 5.2 color palette

Classic color palette as used before release 5.3


LibreOffice does print on Tuesdays

Makes LibreOffice only print on Tuesdays -- in loving memory of the "OOo does not print on Tuesdays" OpenOffice.org-bug.

LibreOffice GetRest Plugin

The extension adds 2 new function to LibreOffice Calc.
Function GET(URL) offer you to get data from the internet by simple get request.
Function PARSEJSON(JSON,PATTERN) returns substructure of JSON
structure getting according to pattern.

★ 1

LibreOffice GetRest Plugin

LibreOffice Calc Add-Inn extension.
Extension adds 2 new function to LibreOffice Calc.
Function GET(URL) offer u to get data from the internet by simple get request.
Function PARSEJS

LibreOffice Server Installation GUI

What is the audience of this program? Everyone, who wants to perform a parallel installation of LibreOffice without using the command line. The aim was to give You the total control of what will be done, but it should be intuitive from the first time y

LibreSymbols Gallery

A set of gallery themes to draw diagrams like circuit diagram.

★ 2.6666666666667


An internet tool for LibreOffice

Lightproof editor

Lightproof grammar checker rule editor

Lightproof grammar checker for Russian

Russian grammar checker (developed by the Lightproof grammar checker extension generator, see http://launchpad.net/lightproof) license: GNU LGPL Простая проверка грамматики для русского языка. (разработана с помощью Lightproof grammar checker extens



Line segment length and angle specification tool for Draw.
It is possible to set the line segment property.

Lingala Spellchecker

Speller dictionary for Lingala


Provides a menu for linguistic write-ups and other documents that are written using lesser-known languages.



[de] Einfache Textanalyse.

[en] Simple text analyzer.

[fr] Analyseur de texte rudimentaire.

Links to images

In Calc, replace links with images.


[fr] Adapter les textes pour l'aide aux personnes dyslexiques et l'apprentissage de la lecture.
[en] Colorize the french phonemes (sounds) and the syllabs.

★ 5

Lithuanian Spellchecker

Lithuanian dictionaries for OpenOffice spelling checker and hyphenator modules.

LMD Color of the Year (color palette)

Color palette composed of black, 10 levels of gray and white, followed by the colors of the year from 2000 to 2020.


LOC Extension for LibreOffice Calc

The LOC Extension enables you to create spreadsheets with crypto currency market data pulled directly from the web. Version 0.1.0 has only one datasource: Poloniex. Others are planned.


LibreOffice plugin for Requality (http://requality.ru/)

Lower Sorbian Spellchecker

Lower Sorbian is a language spoken by a Slavic minority in Lusatia in Germany. This dictionary enables spellchecking in Lower Sorbian.

Luxembourgish Spellchecker

This package contains the Luxembourgish spell checking dictionary and thesaurus prepared by the spellchecker.lu project.

Magenta 2D barcode

With this extension you can insert 2D barcode directly in text documents, spreadsheets and Base Forms.
Select the text and click the button or click the button and type the text.
Please note that selected text will be replaced with the image.

Magenta Lorem Ipsum Generator

This free extension generates Lorem ipsum dummy text from www.lipsum.com.