Hyphenations for russian

Russian hyphenation dictionary converted from TEX hyphenation patterns. Словарь переносов для русского языка сконвертированный из шаблонов переносов TEX.

ILO - ITS Libre Office Writer Extension

The ILO extension offers the possibility to enrich documents with the second version of the W3C Internationalization Tag Set (ITS 2.0).
This W3C standard offers the possibility to add so call


The iMath extension for intelligent formulas enables numeric and symbolic calculations inside a Writer document.


ImgCell enables drop the image to fit the cell. This will scale the image to fit the bound cell.


Import csv

Utility for opening and saving files (csv, txt)


Allow to start automatically a presentation at loading

Improved trend lines (CorelPolyGUI)

CorelPolyGUI plots extra trend lines such as linear and polynomial with forced intercept option, or moving average.

Kamus Indonesia Spellchecker

This provides an Indonesian spell-checker and hyphenator for Libreoffice

★ 5

indonesian thesaurus

indonesian thesaurus for libreoffice

★ 5

Industrial icon theme

Icon theme as provided by LibreOffice in the past


Instant Word count

Instant Word Count shows an window dialog that instantly counts the amount of words in your document.

Interlingue Spellchecker

Spelling check and hyphenation rules for Interlingue (Occidental)


Automatic Calculator for Interpolation

Interpolation for Calc

This Add-in contain function to solve interpolations and extrapolation tasks.

★ 4.5

Irish Spellchecker

This extension installs resources for the Irish language: a spell checker (GaelSpell), a thesaurus, and rules for correct hyphenation of Irish words.

Italian & Latin Spellchecker

[en] Italian and Latin spelling dictionaries - [de] Italienische und lateinische Rechtschreibung

Italian Spellchecker

This extension contains the Italian dictionary, thesaurus and hyphenation patterns contributed by volunteers and packaged by PLIO, http://www.plio.it.

★ 5

Japanese Integrated Learning Tool

Jilt is an add-on to Writer. It includes a Japanese-English dictionary and a kanji dictionary.
It has powerful searches the result of which is configurable just by choosing the right command.
The user can easily add notes (in text or at page foot) .

Java Time Zones

Converts dates between time zones. Re-formats dates. Performs date arithmetic according to calendar.

KABE Tools

Some calc tools I developed for my work at Karl Bubenhofer AG (KABE).

KDE Mascots Gallery

Konqi is KDE's mascot. Whenever a little fun is needed, Konqi and his colorful KDE dragon friends are here to help!


Khmer Spellchecker (SBBIC Version)

An extension for LibreOffice to include a Khmer spelling checker.

Kichwa (Ecuador) Spellchecker

A spellchecker trying to follow the shukyachishka ("unified") orthography of ecuadorian quechua.

Kituba (kikongo ya leta) Spellchecker

This extension is a kikongo ya leta (kituba) dictionary spellchecker.


Import Google Earth files (kml) in Draw

Korean Spellchecker 한국어 맞춤법 검사기

이 확장은 한국어 맞춤법을 검사할 수 있는 확장으로 hunspell 한국어 데이터 프로젝트의 데이터를 기반으로 만들었습니다.


LanguageTool is a style and grammar proofreading software for English, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Romanian, and a lot of other languages.

★ 3.6666666666667


Latgalian Spellchecker

Latgalian spell-checking and hyphenation module Latgalisu voludys pareizraksteibys puorbaudis moduļs

Latin Spellchecker

[en] Latin spelling dictionaries - [de] Lateinische Rechtschreibung

Latviešu Spellchecker

Latvian spellchecking and hyphenation module