Freecolour HLC Chart

Freecolour HLC color palette shown in chart arrangement


Frisian Spellchecker

Spell checking and hyphenation for Frisian

★ 4

Galaxy icon theme

Galaxy icon theme as shipped with LibreOffice prior version 6.1

★ 0.47368421052632


Danger Signs Gallery

This extension adds 5 themes to your gallery with more than 500 cliparts dealing with security at work. Better than bitmap, cliparts are vector graphics in ODF format: there is no lost of clarity when magnifying. In Draw, you may modify them or retriev

★ 5


Puzzle Shapes Gallery

This extension adds a theme to your gallery named "Puzzle 3-4-6-o" with 4 puzzle shapes (triangle, square, hexagon, circle) and equilateral triangle and hexagon with round corners.

★ 3.5


LibreOffice Draw GEDCOM import filter

★ 1.5


With this extension you can insert map images directly into your document from address information.
Select an address and click the icon or just click the icon and enter the address.
An image map will be inserted into your document.


Create Thematic maps with Libre Office

German Spellchecker (de-AT frami)

Deutsche (de-AT frami) RechtschreibungGerman (de-AT frami) dictionaries

German Spellchecker (de-AT igerman98)

Deutsche (de-AT igerman98) RechtschreibungGerman (de-AT igerman98) dictionaries

German Spellchecker (de-CH frami)

Deutsche (de-CH frami) RechtschreibungGerman (de-CH frami) dictionaries

★ 4

German Spellchecker (de-CH igerman98)

[en] German (de-CH igerman98) dictionaries - [de] Deutsche (de-CH igerman98) Rechtschreibung

German Spellchecker (de-DE-1901)

[en] German old spelling dictionaries - [de] Klassische deutsche Rechtschreibung

★ 3

German Spellchecker (de-DE frami)

[en] German (de-DE frami) dictionaries - [de] Deutsche (de-DE frami) Rechtschreibung

★ 2.5

German Spellchecker (de-DE igerman98)

[en] German (de-DE igerman98) dictionaries - [de] Deutsche (de-DE igerman98) Rechtschreibung


Google Mail OAuth2 implementation for LibreOffice Integration

This extension integrates QR code API from directly in LibreOffice.

★ 2

Grabritos para CD PIMACO

(en) Extension with a set of templates for PIMACO stickers. Includes CD template.
(pt) Extensão com um conjunto de modelos para adesivos PIMACO para CDs e rótulos diversos da linha 70XX.


French grammar checker

★ 3.8



Grapheur-mecomsci génère des graphiques scientifiques d'apparence soignée

This extension allows you to create well formated graphic and allows you to draw a polynomial curve.

Greek Polytonic Spellchecker

Πολυτονικὸς διορθωτὴς κειμένων σύμφωνος μὲ τὴν ἑλληνικὴ ἱστορικὴ ὀρθογραφία. Μία προσφορὰ τοῦ "The Polytonic Project".

Guarani Spellchecker

Guarani Dictionary and Thesaurus

GUI Widget Gallery

Everything you need to prototype GUI widgets.

★ 5


Hatch Patterns for Cells

This is a set of macros and a dialog which allows the appearance of Hatch patterns within cells.

★ 1

Hebrew Spellchecker

Hebrew dictionary for LibreOffice spell checker.

★ 4

High contrast icon theme

Hicontrast icon theme as shipped with LibreOffice before version 6.1


Icelandic Spellchecker

Developed by the hunspell-is project

Hyphenations for russian

Russian hyphenation dictionary converted from TEX hyphenation patterns. Словарь переносов для русского языка сконвертированный из шаблонов переносов TEX.


ILO - ITS Libre Office Writer Extension

The ILO extension offers the possibility to enrich documents with the second version of the W3C Internationalization Tag Set (ITS 2.0).
This W3C standard offers the possibility to add so call


The iMath extension for intelligent formulas enables numeric and symbolic calculations inside a Writer document.