Turnierplan 3-8 Mannschaften

Soccer Tournament plan with automatic calculation of results unfortunately only in German //Turnierplan für Fussballturniere (und andere Sportarten mit gleicher Berechnungsgrundlage)


Workforce Planning System in LibreOfficeCalc platform for small and medium-sized restaurant and hotel businesses in the Finnish language. Työvuorosuunnittelujärjestelmä LibreOffice- ja OpenOfficeCalc- alustalla pienille ja keskisuurille ravintola- ja



Typography toolbar

Toolbar to fix typographical problems (align bottom of the normal text and footnotes, remove large word spacing by extra character spacing) and to use Graphite font features (ligatures, small caps, old style numbers, automatic thousand separators for t


Ukrainian Spellchecker

Ukrainian spelling dictionary and thesaurus


Ultimate color palette

Palette that tries to show as many colors as possible in a comprehensive and intuitive way.


UML Elements

This extension provides several galleries containing visually homogeneous elements for different types of UML diagrams.


UML State Diagram Template

Create some drawing objects that can be used to make a state diagram

UN OCHA Humanitarian Icon set (Including COVID-19 icon set)

A set of humanitarian icons released by UN OCHA in the public domain.


Universal Calendar

Calendar cards are created in your language. You decide what days to distinguish. Karty kalendarza powstają w Twoim języku. Sam decydujesz jakie dni wyróżnić. Kalenderkarten werden in Ihrer Sprache erstellt. Sie entscheiden, welche Tage zu untersc


University Presentation

Template for preparing course material or dissertations for universities.

Unofficial Zotero LibreOffice Integration with Tabbed UI support

Unofficial Zotero LibreOffice Integration comprises extensions for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org/NeoOffice and Zotero that communicate using local web servers. This fork supports the Tabbed UI from LibreOffice. Credit to Julakali github.com/julakali/


Update links (beta)

Updates all manual links to the most recently saved version of a linked file.

Upper Sorbian Spellchecker

Provides an spell checker for the upper sorbian language


Urlaubsplaner für kleine Betriebe oder Gruppen bis zu 17 Personen.Features:autom. Berechnung der Feiertage wie Ostern
Anzeige der verbrauchten und nicht verbrauchten Urlaubstage
farbliche Hinterlegung der Feiertage


US English Spellchecker

This is an update of an older US English dictionary [no thesaurus though] to reflect an April 19 2011 word list.

US Holiday Calendar 2013

Complete 2013 Calendar with US holidays

User Persona

Template for creating a user persona for UX development.


A tool for managing Writer Userfields (aka MasterFields)


Using Page styles in Writer

A Writer template using styles

utcp: Color Palette of the University of Tübingen

Color palette of the corporate design of the University of Tübingen


Valencian Catalan Spellchecker

Valencian Catalan Spellcheck Dictionary. Diccionari ortogràfic valencià. Diccionario ortográfico valenciano.


Validar CPF e CNPJ

Extensão que implementa as funções VALIDACPF e VALIDACNPJ no LibreOffice Calc.

"Validar CPF e CNPJ" implements the VALIDACPF and VALIDACNPJ functions in LibreOffice Calc. It's developed for brazilian users.


Validator is an LibreOffice Calc extension that validates cells based on selected rules. From Calc: Select Tools → Detective → Validator.

Valor por extenso

'Valor por extenso' converts numbers into words or currency names for Writer and Calc. Designed for brazilian users. Gera o valor por extenso (com possibilidade de inclusão de moeda) em documentos do Calc e do Writer.

Vehicle Mileage Template

A Calc template to record vehicle mileage and expenses.

Venetan Spellchecker (Dictionary, Thesaurus, Hyphenation, Autocorrection)

This extension contains the venetan dictionary, thesaurus, and hyphenation patterns using the spelling of (and packaged by) Mauro Trevisan, https://parnodesmentegar.wordpress.com



VersionMgr is a tool to manage your LibreOffice document version numbers.



VersionMgr is a tool to manage your LibreOffice document version numbers.