Note de frais

Une note qui donne le numéro de semaine et compte aussi le nombre de justificatifs.


OEMS LibreOffice Calc's Extension

This extension adds functionality to LibreOffice Calc to help SMEs make digital transformation simple and fast.Extension này bổ sung tính năng vào LibreOffice Calc để giúp các SMEs thực hiện quá trình chuyển đổi số quy trình thật đơn giản&am


R.O.C. TW. T.C.P Toolbar

Republic Of China (Taiwan) Traditional Chinese Punctuation Toolbar. 中華民國臺灣正體中文標點符號工具列。適用於中華民國(臺灣)國內文書往返規範橫書與直書之標點符號,進一步的詳情請參考擴充套件內所包含的文件,會有更詳細的使用說明與注意事項。

PalOOCa OLAP Calc Extension

PalOOCa is a Java based LibreOffice OLAP Extension intended to be used with LibreOffice Calc to access Palo or XMLA capable OLAP servers.

Parabolic Colour Palette

Provides Parabolic HSV Colour Palettes, that emphasize on bright and pastel colours.


Simple extension with the single purpose to permutate the current selected cells in OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc.

The dialog will appear if the user select Permutate! from Tools/Add-ons menu.

Power Detective

This extension enhances Detective/Trace Precedents and Trace Dependents.
It allows many cells to be selected and traced at once, instead
of one cell at a time.

It makes a new toolbar so that tracing can be selected faster and easier.


Python-based extension for Calc:
csv import: import data to a position in a calc-worksheet


Quant tools for LibreOffice Calc

QuantLib Addin

Calc addin for QuantLib (financial library).


This extension allows you to attach a query to a LibreOffice/OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet, saving the connection information on the spreadsheet itself for future data updates. It doesn't depend on LibreOffice/OpenOffice Base and it's not necessary to regis

Regex Tools

This extension aims to provide Calc functions using Regex.

Remove Duplicates

Quickly remove duplicates in LibreOffice Calc.

Review Toolbar

This extension implements a new Review toolbar with some relevant command buttons that are spread out in various menus and toolbars.

Additional a new feature "Clear document" that removes review information in the document suchs as tracked changes, com


A tool to help managing LibreOffice personal color palettes.



A Calc sheet to write the kitchen recipes that calculates the ingredients. Une feuille Calc qui adapte le volume des ingrédients au nombre de personnes. Une hoja Calc que calcula las cantidades des ingredientes.


Project management, resource planning and deadline follow-up with a spreadsheet

The spreadsheet provides:- a timeline/Gantt chart allowing to follow-up deadlines on multiple time-related resources, with different categories- the definition of milestones which are relevant for each resource, for each type of resource an



Function add-in providing a Calc function that takes a Sudoku puzzle as a 9x9 cell range and returns the solution as a 9x9 cell range.


Příručka LibreOffice Calc (Czech, čeština)

Uživatelská příručka LibreOffice Calc v češtině.


Planning de réservation

Un planning de réservation de salles avec des prestations associées.


Remove Blank Cells

Removes blank cells in a selected range.


Search in Calc

Search in Calc, display all results in a floating window and navigate to them.

Shared Technical Terminology Thesaurus

Shared Technical Terminology Thesaurus - a terminology checker plugin helping organizations enforce consistent terminology in technical and other documents.


Show and Hide all cell nodes at once

Spreadsheet Population

The following macro was developed by Lanedo in order to use LibreOffice charting capabilities with data stored in a SQL database.

StarXpert MSO preview

Current document preview into MS-Office viewers.

SUMTEX - sum as text

Calc function to convert numbers to words (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian).


TexMaths, a LaTeX equation editor for LibreOffice


Styles Reporter

A Calc and Writer document styles report tool.