Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) taupe

A pattern with a brown top and a hint of yellow. No photo and easy to use. Two pages. Feel free to translate it. Un modèle avec un bandeau taupe et une pointe de vanille. Sans photo et facile à utiliser. Deux pages.


Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) ardoise et bleu de Prusse

A more basic template that it looks for a CV with a photo. Two pages. Feel free to translate it. Un modèle de CV plus basique qu’il y paraît, avec photo.


Curriculum Vitae (Resume, CV) pastel

A basic template for a CV without photo. Two pages. Feel free to translate it. Un modèle basique de CV sans photo.


Csikos szegely

Tetszőleges számú és színű csíkból álló szegélyt rajzoló Logo program (például nemzetiszín vagy szivárványszínű szegélyek rajzolásához).

Curriculum Vitae

A simple table-based curriculum vitae

Curriculum simple

Plantilla curriculum en español

Crop mark

Crop mark drawing program for ODF and PDF documents


Simple crossword drawing program


Cost of Groceries Comparison

Compares cost of groceries in different supermarkets. Set up for Canadian companies, but can be altered for other countries'.

Course Tool

Equestrian course tool designer

Cover Letter (Sample)

A simple Cover Letter (Sample)

Cornell Notes

A LibreOffice Writer template for Cornell note-taking.

Convertitore da data a giorno dell'anno

Un convertitore che calcola il numero del giorno dell'anno corrispondente a una data, e viceversa. - A converter calculating the number of the day of the year corresponding to a date, and vice versa.

Convertitore da gradi sessagesimali a decimali

Un modello che permette di convertire valori espressi in gradi sessagesimali nell'equivalente decimale e/o radianti e viceversa. A template that allows you to convert values expressed in degrees to its decimal equivalent and / or radians and vice versa

Computer/Server/Network Rack Design

Spreadsheet to design layout of Server and Network racks.

Contact Database

A contact database

Compare Mobile Plans / Handytarifkostenrechner

Compare fees for mobile plans. Vergleichen Sie Handytarifkosten.

Company Letter

A simple company letter which can be used for internal communication, official communication,etc.

Compare and Contrast Template

Writer Template to compare and contrast.


Coloured Template!

It's a coloured template for your coloured presentations!


Minimalistic presentation template

Chronoplan Midi

Three sheets for ChronoplanMidi agendas per page, blank, and a sample sheet for customer contacts

Christmas Gift Card

Check out our free Christmas gift certificate and give as gift a customized certificate by filling in your info in the blank template provided.

Christmas gift Card

Make a Christmas gift certificate, by filling in your info in the blank Christmas gift certificate template provided.

Chronological Resume

A chronological resume starts by listing your work history, with the most recent position listed first. Most common amongst employers.

Chessboard 2

Typesetting chessboard by notation in LibreOffice 4, using Chess Merida Unicode font.


Typesetting chessboard manually or by notation in LibreOffice 4 using standard Unicode chess figures

Chinese Literature Template

Template for creators writting in Traditional Chinese with Libreoffice Writer.Includes basic layout formats for users to write vertically, which are all based on Open source fonts.