Statement Generator

Calculate interest amounts on deposits, loans and line-of-credits. Interest calculated daily and paid monthly.


2021 Daily Cards Calendar

A Timeplates template for making a digital calendar out of your to-do lists.


Area Fill Backgrounds

Images shipped by default with the gallery theme Backgrounds



Generate with one click a report like a data sheet an invoice a letter... . Save/mail/ssh it (pdf or odt) somewhere. There are some striking features in this extension, that the built in reportbuilder does not offer. e.g.: Easily refer your query to th

Bingo Cards

Create Bingo cards from a user defined string set in a Calc sheet. An elementary parametrization to the derived output is supported as well.


BorderLiner is an extension for LibreOffice to easily draw borders in tables.


Find invalid formulas in a spreadsheet


Business Model Canvas

A3 paper size Business Model Canvas with sticky notes.


Calendar for Calc

View calendar and easily insert dates in selected cells.


CFReporter (for Conditional Formattting Reporter) produces reports about your LibreOffice Calc conditional formatting settings.



Transpose chords and notes to different key signatures and capo places. Format ChordPro files.


Clear cell

[En] Clear spaces before and after in strings.
[Es] Limpia los espacios antes y después de las cadenas.

Code Highlighter

This extension highlights the code snippets over 350 languages in LibreOffice.


ClusterRows is a LibreOffice Calc extension that clusters the rows in a table and colors them to indicate the clusters.


Code Highlighter 2

Code snippet highlighter for LibreOffice.


Combinatorics formulas

Combinatorial formula for the construction of sets of combinations of variations etc.

Extension for generating a combination formula. Minimum is COMBIN(3,2) and the maximum is COMBIN(32767,1023).

Compose Special Characters v 2.0.11

It's a new version of Compose Special Characters by chuckhenrich. Now it works on LO 6 and 7


copy & paste hidden columns

After hiding a column sequence of a worksheet, you want to apply the same mask on an other workbook or worksheet.

Copy only visible cells

This extension provides an alternative to the 'Select Visible Cells' command in Microsoft Excel. It´s useful to use with subtotals or ranges with hidden columns or rows.

Creating a csv file from the scope of data

Creates a CSV file from data in any area of the spreadsheet. After installation, a new toolbar called CSV and a new sub-menu will be available in the "Tools → Add-ons" menu. This file is intended only for LibreOffce. The version for Apache OpenOffice a


CT2N - Convert Text To Number (and dates)

ConvertTextToNumber replaces numbers and dates, formatted as text, with real numbers.
Choices can be made about marking of cells, including cells with non- default decimal separators, conversion of dates, and more.

As a result of the conversion, the t


Insert, change or delete record - Sorting or filtering datas - Help topic

Ajout, modification, suppression – Classement ou Filtrage – Aide


transpose un tableau en une source de donnée utilisable pour les TCD ( tableau croise dynamique ou pilote de données ) ou importation en BDD

unpivot an array into single data line format for data pilot or db import


Converts date from BS to AD and vice versa.


Digitizer of XY chart

Extract (X,Y) data from a scanned graph.


Display Formula and Result (Value) simultaneously

This extension display formula and result (value) simultaneously in a cell

Enhanced Form

A form that takes over Cells formats, type of data and data validities Un formulaire qui prend en charge les formats de cellules, les types de données et les validités de données


Enhanced "Paste" command for spreadsheet documents

This extension enhance the behavior of the "Paste" command in spreadsheet documents by allowing to paste the content of the clipboard to several cell ranges simultaneously when the content of a cell range (several cells) has been copied.