Select numeric, textual, constant, formula and/or blank cells.Select unique format ranges.


Spanish Spellchecker

Official dictionary extensions released by the Recursos lingüísticos abiertos del español project (RLA-ES). Extensiones oficiales de diccionario publicadas por el proyecto Recursos lingüísticos del español (RLA_ES).


Sound gallery

Music gallery from LibreOffice 6.4 release.


Sort Writer Table-1.0.0.oxt

This Extension ads a tool-bar to Writer, which allows you to sort you text-tables with two clicks.
Diese Extension fügt in Writer eine neue Symbol-Leiste ein, mit der Sie ihre Text-Tabellen mit 2 Klicks sortieren können

Song booklet

This is a song booklet with a simple front page (can be changed).


soblex uppersorbian Spellchecker

Upper Sorbian spell checker / Obersorbische Rechtschreibprüfung / Pruwowanje prawopisa za hornjoserbšćinu

SmartArt Objects Workaround Template

An alternative for SmartArt graphics from Microsoft Excel.

SmART Gallery

SmART Gallery extension is the advanced version of Diagram (aka. Diagram 2) for LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org office suites. This Extension is designed to create your favorite diagrams with few clicks in Draw and Impress applications.

Slovenian Dictionary Pack / Slovenski paket slovarjev

Slovenian spelling dictionary, hyphenation rules, and thesaurus.***Slovenski jezik - slovar za preverjanje črkovanja, vzorci za deljenje besed in slovar sopomenk.


Slovak Spellchecker

Slovak spell check dictionary, hyphenation rules and thesaurus / Slovník kontroly pravopisu, delenia slov a synoným pre slovenčinu


Slim DVD Movie Jewel Case Cover Templates (Letter)

Slim/Thin DVD Movie Jewel Case Covers, 2 per page, Letter Size

Slim CD/DVD Jewel Case

Slim/Thin CD/DVD Jewel Case Covers, 2 per page, Letter Size

SIR infectious disease model

A spreadsheet solving the SIR infectious disease equations using a second order Runge-Kutta method.

Single Page Calendar

This project creates a single page calendar based on the month and year you input into the prompt. It is possible to generate whatever month and year you want. Macro security must be level medium or lower to work.

Single Column Academic Article

A single column academic article template for papers and publications. The layout is freely inspired from abnTeX2

Simple Writer template

Imitates the look of Words default style

Simple Todo List

simple todo/task list

Simple storyboard template.

This template provides you with a simple storyboard layout for use with animations, videos or comics.

Simple Service Invoice

Simple invoice for service professionals such as web designers and developers.

Simple report

Simple report template with cover page, index and 4-level headings. The report style was inspired by Microsoft Office Word template.

Simple Placeholder

This extension enables you to define placeholders, e.g. to assemble a form. The focus is on speed so that you avoid the constant writing or copying of the placeholders.


Simple Pivot Table

A simple KPI pivot table

Simple multicolored border

Wide (but resizable, etc.) page border with multicolored segments.

Simple gradebook

A gradebook

Simple FAX Template

Simple fax template!

Simple Border with a Page Counter outside it

The template is a legal page with borders and a page counter outside it.

Simple Book Template

This template is suitable for a simple book without much formatting, a novel for example.