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  • Wissenschaftliche Arbeit

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    Jan 10, 2014 in Writer

    Vorlage für eine Hausarbeit / Template for a homework

  • Using Page styles in Writer

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    Jan 25, 2012 in Writer

    A Writer template using styles

  • Literatur/Buch/Bericht - literature/book/report

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    Oct 28, 2014 in Book, E-book, Education, Academia, Elementary/Secondary school panels, Media, Science, Writer

    Verschiedene Varianten für Zwecke wie Berichte, Bücher und Literatur (Gedicht, Prosa, Theaterstücke). Variants for various purposes such as reports, books and literature (poems, prose, theatre).

  • Resume, Curriculum Vitae - CV

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    Apr 03, 2016 in Curriculum Vitae / Resume, Education, Academia, Writer

    Simple and useful resume, cv template

  • Report Template

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    Jan 15, 2016 in Computer, Education, Academia, Science, Writer

    This is a simple report template that you can use either for scientific, academic or educational purposes.

  • Quellen im Unterricht

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    Feb 07, 2014 in Education, Elementary/Secondary school panels, Paper, Writer

    Vorlage für Quellenarbeit im Unterricht (Template for source work in class)

  • Paragraph ciphers PNBT-0-simple 8bit

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    in Writer

    Ensuring pieces of content for transmission over insecure storage clouds and so on. It also features encryption option to save in TXT, classically on paper, archiving and future to retrieve and decrypt using OCR. It also serves option to print a report that contains both a password as well as any compensation for manual decryption. This is the measure against the loss of a variety of reasons (tear SW, fire, water, or irradiation destroys IT technology, etc.) Cipher should cover almost all the shortcomings of security such as password protection system. Her transcoding can be used for UTF-8 and so on.

  • MLA Paper

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    Jun 30, 2017 in Education, Academia, Paper, Writer

    This template is based off the guide lines in Modern Language Association Handbook.

  • Lebenslauf im moderncv-Stil

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    Feb 28, 2014 in Writer

    [de] Vorlage für einen Lebenslauf ähnlich zum LaTeX-Paket moderncv ‒ [en] Curriculum vitae template similar to those produced by the LaTeX package moderncv

  • journal with auto dates

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    Aug 09, 2015 in Writer

    journal template with macro for automatic dates


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