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  • Flexible invoice

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    Mar 29, 2018 in Accounting, Business, Invoice

    Flexible invoice with address and article database

  • Sepa Ueberweisung (LibreOffice Calc)

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    May 17, 2012 in Accounting

    SEPA Überweisungsformular das abgespeichert und ausgedruckt werden kann. mit BLZ/BIC Daten, -- EU-Standard (SEPA) Transmission Formula with BIC(SWIFT)-Codes and German BLZs

  • Rental Ledger with Receipts

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    Feb 09, 2017 in Accounting, Business

    Keep track of rental payments and create pdf receipts for payments

  • Personal Year Budget

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    Aug 25, 2019 in Accounting

    LibreOffice Calc template for track personal year budget

  • Hypothekenberechnung

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    Feb 03, 2018 in Accounting

    Mit Hilfe dieses Tabellendokuments lässt sich die monatliche Belastung und der Verlauf von Zins und Tilgung berechnen. Es können bis zu 4 Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten gewählt werden. Die Auswertung erfolgt als Tabelle sowie per Diagramm.

  • Expenses and Income Template

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    Dec 05, 2018 in Accounting

    This is an old but working template that can be used to track your expenses/income on a daily basis. Each week is on its own sheet and you get a sheet that gives an overview and montly average for any range of weeks you want. It is a bit complex and it is best to use a specific software like GNU Cash (strongly recommended), but if you want to use Libreoffice and see how different calculations and cross-sheet references are made, you can download this. Full instructions are on the first sheet.

  • Hana Accounting

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    Aug 25, 2019 in Accounting, Business

    Sistem akuntansi. Membuat Laporan Neraca, Laba/Rugi, Cashflow dan Buku Besar dengan mengentri Jurnal.

  • Personal Monthly Budget with Daily Tracking

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    Nov 19, 2017 in Accounting, Budget

    It's a simple template for tracking budget by entering daily expenses in second tab. It then shows the actual spend against project budget in charts on last tab and detailed expenses against categories on first tab.

  • Pack pour la gestion de la facturation d'une petite boutique

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    Aug 05, 2013 in Accounting

    Management of a little consignment shop (French Law) pack: bill, receipt for the consignor, a Calc files with several sheets and a writer file guide. The pack is in French. Pack pour la gestion de la facturation d’une petite boutique avec dépôt-vente : facturation et suivi des dépôts. Le modèle de facture est prévu pour une micro-entreprise de droit français non-assujettie à la TVA, mais peut être de toute façon personnalisé.

  • Open PLA (Accounts system)

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    Jan 09, 2016 in Accounting

    Open PLA is a double-entry accounting system for registering Purchase Ledger transactions (invoices and bank payments). It may be suitable for small-businesses and / or for personal / family use. Features of the template include macro buttons for opening different forms and SQL queries for document / account balance calculations and list filtering.


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