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  • Tourism

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    Mar 03, 2014 in Agenda, Book, Brochure / Pamphlet, Business, Calendar, Cards, Checkbook, Invoice

    Templates for tourism

  • Christmas gift certificate template

    26 8
    Sep 28, 2014 in Cards

    Make a Christmas gift certificate, by filling in your info in the blank Christmas gift certificate template provided.

  • Etiketten - Labels

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    Nov 26, 2017 in Business, Cards, Invoice, Labels, Paper

    Abmessung der Beschriftungskärtchen: 59 x 21 mm Diese Mappe hilft bei der Erstellung von Beschriftungen für (in Deutschland) handelsübliche Hängeregister. Dimensions of labels: 59 x 21 mm This sheet helps you to create lables for common labels (in Germany).

  • Christmas gift certificate template

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    Oct 04, 2014 in Cards

    Check out our free Christmas gift certificate and give as gift a customized certificate by filling in your info in the blank template provided.

  • Employee ID Badge

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    in Cards

    An employee ID badge is an identity card worn by a person for identification purposes. It is mostly made up of a piece of paper, plastic or metal. Usually, it consists of a photo, Name of the employee, organization’s logo, barcode along with other employee details.


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