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  • Simple storyboard template.

    49 18
    Oct 26, 2014 in Arts, Media, Timeline, Writer

    This template provides you with a simple storyboard layout for use with animations, videos or comics.

  • Standard Manuscript Format

    32 25
    Oct 21, 2013 in Arts, Magazine, Media, Writer

    A standard manuscript format template for short stories that plays nicely with both LibreOffice and Word.

  • Calculs pour chaussettes au tricot (maths for knitted socks)

    12 6
    Sep 05, 2016 in Arts

    A spreadsheet that calculates the row and the stitches for a sock. In French. Pour savoir combien de mailles monter et de rangs tricoter. En français.

  • Feuille calc pour grille de tricot - Calc sheet for knitting chart

    11 4
    May 10, 2014 in Arts

    Modèle de feuille Calc au bon format pour dessiner des grilles de tricot.

    Template of a Calc sheet to draw knitting charts.

    Template de una hoja Calc para dibujar diagramas de punto

  • Calcul du nombre de carres - How many squares

    9 7
    Sep 05, 2016 in Arts

    Transformation des lettres en couleurs et en nombres dans des projets pixel-art, tous LibreOffice. To transform letters in colours and in numbers in pixel-art project all LibreOffice. Para transformar letras en colores y en nombres para obras pixel-art, todos LibreOffice.

  • Ballotin (chocolate or candy box)

    8 5
    Jan 05, 2015 in Arts

    Pattern of a chocolate box. Patron d'un ballotin. Patrón de un ballotin.

  • Screenwright(R) screenplay formatting template

    3 2
    in Arts, Business, Computer, Education, Academia, Elementary/Secondary school panels, Media, Paper, Writer

    This award-winning, free LibO Writer 6.x+5.x+4.x+3.x template will format your film script to industry standards.

  • Red and Green Circles

    2 1
    Nov 21, 2011 in Arts, Media, Presentation

    A template featuring red and green circles.

  • Op-art cubes

    1 0
    Feb 11, 2013 in Arts, LibreLogo

    Op-art cubes, and the Logo source code.

  • Family Picnic Flyer Template

    1 0
    May 02, 2015 in Arts

    Family Picnic Flyer


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