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  • Industrial icon theme

    4 1
    May 12, 2018 in All modules

    Icon theme as provided by LibreOffice in the past

  • Classic Theme

    3 0
    Mar 25, 2019 in All modules

    Make the old "Classic" theme icons from OOo/LibO 3.3.x available again in LibO 3.4.x

  • BTL2 - BasicTextListe2

    3 0
    Sep 24, 2011 in All modules

    Macro to list the text of all Basic modules of all installed libraries to a writer document (including code from Base forms and locally loaded documents).

  • Shared Technical Terminology Thesaurus

    2 0
    Jun 26, 2013 in All modules, Language Tools

    Shared Technical Terminology Thesaurus - a terminology checker plugin helping organizations enforce consistent terminology in technical and other documents.

  • fileOpened

    2 0
    Mar 25, 2019 in All modules

    The project is intended to check when file is opened or closed, the best is to know also when is saved by libreoffice and all its dependance.

  • Building Ladin Writing Aids Extensions

    2 0
    Feb 15, 2014 in All modules

    Ladin (Ladin: Ladin, Italian: Ladino, German: Ladinisch), is a language consisting of a group of dialects (which some consider part of a unitary Rhaeto-Romance language) mainly spoken in the Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy in South Tyrol, the Trentino and the province of Belluno. It is closely related to the Swiss Romansh and Friulian. We are at work to building Ladin Writing Aids extensions for ladins dialects (Wikipedia, Article: "Ladin language")

  • B2UConverter

    2 0
    May 23, 2013 in All modules, Language Tools


    This is the B2UConverter project, an UNO extension for LibreOffice, for converting documents from old Vietnamese encodings to Unicode, and for moving Vietnamese diacritics to their right positions as well.

  • xslt2-transformer

    1 1
    May 29, 2013 in All modules

    A transformer for XSLT-based import/export filters with support of XSLT 2.0

  • XDialogBox

    1 0
    Aug 30, 2015 in All modules

    A programming tool Dialog Box using BASIC.. /.. Outil de programmation d'une Boîte de Dialogue en BASIC

  • OOoSVN

    1 0
    Feb 20, 2013 in All modules

    A project to provide change control for LibreOffice documents (OpenDocument and *.sx*) via subversion under Unix. Can check in internal changes in files and allows users to recover any previous version, view logs and compare with older versions.

Install Instructions

To install an extension, follow these steps:
  • Download an extension and save it anywhere on your computer.
  • In LibreOffice, select Tools --> Extension Manager from the menu bar.
  • In the Extension Manager dialog click Add.
  • A file browser window opens. Navigate to the folder where you saved the LibreOffice extension file(s) on your system. The extension's files have the file extension 'OXT'.
  • Find and select the extension you want to install and click Open.
  • If this extension is already installed, you'll be prompted to press OK to confirm whether to overwrite the current version by the new one, or press Cancel to stop the installation.
  • After you are asked whether to install the extension only for your user or for all users. If you choose the Only for me option, the extension will be installed only for your user. If you choose For all users, you need system administrator rights. In this case the extension will be available for all users. In general, choose Only for me, that doesn't require administration rights on the operating system.


Extensions add new features to your LibreOffice or make the use of already existing ones easier.