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  • AccessODF

    2 0
    in Writer Extension

    AccessODF is a Writer extension that helps authors evaluate and repair accessibility issues in OpenDocument Text and other word processing formats supported by Writer.

  • TradutorOOoNote

    1 0
    in Writer Extension

    This tool translates the text of the selected language to the language of your choice in the status bar and add the translated text in a note. Esta ferramenta traduz o texto do idioma selecionado para o idioma de sua escolha na barra de status e adiciona o texto traduzido em uma anotação.

  • Spell checker and Grammar checker by Scribens

    1 0
    Dec 11, 2016 in Writer Extension

    A powerful, free English spelling and grammar checker. Scribens corrects over 250 types of grammar mistakes and detects stylistic elements such as repetitions, run-on sentences, redundancies, and more. It even suggests synonyms for every word.

  • Portrait or landscape

    1 0
    Sep 04, 2016 in Writer Extension

    This extension is intended as a help to all the daily users of the page breaks. In particular it is possible to manage the direction of page, insert portait or landscape pages and to set document with first page. In addition it's possible to set smply th e layout page with A5, A4, A3 format.

  • Patina

    1 0
    Mar 24, 2015 in Writer Extension

    The extension inserts a new menu with two functions. The first normalizes the text for the Italian language, the second introduces small typographical differences between characters to get a printed page more natural, less mechanical.

  • FarvOrd

    1 0
    Nov 20, 2011 in Writer Extension

    OOFarvOrd er en portering af det populære program FarvOrd.

  • Corrector ortográfico de hunspell para galego

    1 0
    Nov 08, 2018 in All modules, Dictionary, Language Tools, Writer Extension, Calc Extension, Impress Extension, Draw Extension, Base Extension, Math Extension

    Corrector ortográfico, dicionario de sinónimos, guionizado para o galego. Spellchecker, thesaurus, hyphenizator for galician language

  • Church Slavonic spelling dictionary

    1 0
    Jan 14, 2018 in Dictionary, Language Tools, Writer Extension

    This extension provides spelling dictionary and hyphenation patterns for Church Slavonic (also known as Church Slavic, Old Church Slavonic, Old Slavonic).

  • ChordTransposer

    1 0
    Feb 21, 2019 in Writer Extension, Calc Extension

    Transpose chords and notes to different key signatures and capo places. Format ChordPro files.

  • Bambara/Bamanakan spell checker

    1 0
    Jun 23, 2019 in Language Tools, Writer Extension, Calc Extension, Impress Extension

    (fr) Un correcteur orthographique pour le bambara (bamanakan ou bamanankan) et un thésaurus (définitions, exemples, synonymes) (En) A spellchecker and thesaurus for the Bambara language (aka Bamanakan or Bamanankan), a west african language spoken in different countries: Mali, Burkina-Faso, north of Ivory Coast, Guinea, Senegal... Bamanankan fililatilennan

Install Instructions

To install an extension, follow these steps:
  • Download an extension and save it anywhere on your computer.
  • In LibreOffice, select Tools --> Extension Manager from the menu bar.
  • In the Extension Manager dialog click Add.
  • A file browser window opens. Navigate to the folder where you saved the LibreOffice extension file(s) on your system. The extension's files have the file extension 'OXT'.
  • Find and select the extension you want to install and click Open.
  • If this extension is already installed, you'll be prompted to press OK to confirm whether to overwrite the current version by the new one, or press Cancel to stop the installation.
  • After you are asked whether to install the extension only for your user or for all users. If you choose the Only for me option, the extension will be installed only for your user. If you choose For all users, you need system administrator rights. In this case the extension will be available for all users. In general, choose Only for me, that doesn't require administration rights on the operating system.


Extensions add new features to your LibreOffice or make the use of already existing ones easier.