Writer2xhtml - 1.6

This release adds a toolbar for easy export to HTML and EPUB.Also EPUB3 is now supported.

Release Details

- New toolbar to directly export to XHTML or EPUB

- Support for EPUB 3

- New option include_ncx to include an NCX file even if the export format is EPUB 3
'- Improved markup of footnotes, endnotes, table of contents, alphabetical index and bibliography
- Bibliographic references now link directly to the bibliography item
- Added support for background color in alphabetical index and bibliography
- New option max_width to set the maximum text width
- New option embed_img to embed binary images directly as base64
- Style maps now support before and after content (similarly to ::before and ::after in CS


LGPL-v2.1 (GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1),


LibreOffice 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2, LibreOffice 5.3, LibreOffice 5.4, LibreOffice 6.0, LibreOffice 6.1,


Changelog for Writer2LaTeX version 1.4 -> 1.6

---------- version 1.6 final ----------
[w2x] Updated URL to MathJax
[w2x] Add StarMath annotation as alttext attribute on formulas (according to the EPUB 3 specification, math
elements should have the either the alttext attribute or annotation-xml)
[w2x] Changed file extension for HTML5 files from .html to .xhtml in EPUB 3 export (not required, but EpubCheck
issues a warning otherwise)

---------- version 1.6 beta ----------

[w2x] No longer add cellspacing attribute if exporting to HTML5

[w2x] In EPUB the title must be non-empty. To avoid creating an invalid EPUB, the file name is now used as title if the title is empty.

[w2x] Bugfix: writer2latex.xhtml.TableConverter.borderWidth ran into an infinite loop if border shorthand properties didn't begin with width, but e.g. with colour (e.g. "#000000 0.035cm solid"). See bug tracker #4 fix for infinite loop in writer2latex.xhtml.TableConverter.borderWidth

[w2x] The bibliography is now regenerated from the template. This implies that bibliographic citations now link directly to the cited work rather than to the bibliography as a whole.

[w2x] The option separate_stylesheet can now be set in the configuration UI, on the Formatting page.

[w2x] New option max_width (default value 800px) used to define the max-width on the body element (XHTML and text documents only). In the custom configuration UI, this setting is found on the Formatting page.

[w2x] Added support for semantic inflection in EPUB 3 export for the types footnote(s), endnote(s), toc, index, bibliography and biblioentry (http://www.idpf.org/epub/30/spec/epub30-contentdocs.html#sec-xhtml-semantic-inflection).
[w2x] Improved the semantic markup of footnotes, endnotes, table of contents and alphabetical index in HTML export using sections, asides, headings and lists
[w2x] Added support for background color of alphabetical index and bibliography

[w2x] Bugfix: Export of list-style-type now uses the correct values disc, circle, square (in that order)

---------- version 1.5.2 ----------

[all] Using the filters from the command line with soffice --headless --convert-to is now documented in the user manual

[all] Filter API change: The filters now accepts the FilterOptions property as an alternative to FilterData. This property accepts a comma separated string of option=value items. In particular this allows to pass option from the command line (soffice --headless --convert-to).

[all] API change: The interface OutputFile now defines an additional method containsMath() which returns true if the file contains mathematical formulas (only implemented for XHTML, currently always returns true for LaTeX)

[w2x] The template page in the configuration now displays an error message if the template is not well-formed XML.

[w2x] Added toolbar configuration dialog: Select XHTML and EPUB export format and behavior after export (do nothing, display in default viewer or display with custom application)
[w2x] New option include_ncx to include a NCX file even if the export format is EPUB 3

[w2x] Added EPUB 3 as export format and changed default export format for the toolbar to EPUB 3

[all] Implementation detail: Moved descriptions to a separate folder within the extensions

[all] The position of message boxes has changed from (0,0) to (200,100)

[all] Fixed typo in export dialogs: The text on the help button was in Danish.

[w2x] New boolean option embed_img (default false). If set to true, the binary contents of img elements are included directly on the src attribute as base64.
[w2x] Changed default export format for toolbar from XHTML+MathML to HTML5

---------- version 1.5.1 ----------

[all] Implementation detail: Replaced Robert Harder's base 64 class with javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter

[w2x] Style maps for paragraphs and headings now support the attributes before and after. These define fixed texts to add before/after the content. (This is similar to the pseudo-elements ::before and ::after in CSS.)

[w2x] Added toolbar with four buttons: Publish directly to XHTML, publish directly to EPUB, edit EPUB metadata and edit custom configuration. Publishing directly implies that the file picker is not displayed. Instead the document will be exported to the same directory as the currently open document and with the same name. The EPUB buttons are only visible in Writer, the other buttons are also visible in Calc. This feature bypasses the filter logic, which gives a significant performance gain for large documents.

[all] Filter: Refactored filter code, the actual conversion has been separated from the XExportFilter implementation

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