Writer2LaTeX - 1.6

The new release: Adds a toolbar for easy acces to LaTeX export, logfiles, BibTeX files and configuration. Adds a feature to insert bibliographic citations directly from a BibTeX file. Adds font selection to the export dialog

Release Details

News in version 1.6

       - New toolbar replacing the previous separate extension Writer4LaTeX
       - New feature to insert bibliographic references in Writer directly from BibTeX files
       - The log viewer dialog now features an option to display error messages only
       - WMF and EMF images are now exported to PDF
       - Basic support for Hebrew (XeTeX backend only)
       - Export bibliography using a thebibliography environment if use_bibtex is false
       - Adapt to the new color scheme in StarMath introduced with LO 4.4/AOO 4.2
       - New option old_math_colors to select the old StarMath color scheme
       - New option font to select a predefined font scheme
       - New option bibtex_encoding to select the encoding for external BibTeX files


LGPL-v2.1 (GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1),


LibreOffice 5.0, LibreOffice 5.1, LibreOffice 5.2, LibreOffice 5.3, LibreOffice 5.4, LibreOffice 6.0, LibreOffice 6.1,


Changelog for Writer2LaTeX version 1.4 -> 1.6

---------- version 1.6 final ----------
[w2l] No changes were made to the LaTeX export since 1.6 beta

---------- version 1.6 beta ----------

[w2l] Removed remark about JabRef plugin for LO from help file, as the functionality is now native in JabRef

[w2l] Enabled export of WMF and EMF graphics to PDF (was disabled due to bugs in earlier versions of LO)

[w2l] In the BibTeX dialog, updating references generates a status message. This is now moved from a message box to in a label at the bottom of the dialog.

[w2l] Added support for non-ASCII BibTeX files. The new option bibtex_encoding is used to specify the encoding of the BibTeX files loaded via the option external_bibtex_files. The default value is "document" which implies the same encoding as the LaTeX document. Otherwise the same values as for inputencoding are supported. In the UI, the encoding can be selected on the bibliography page of the toolbar settings. The setting is ignored if the backend is XeTeX, in this case all files are assumed to be UTF-8. Also, the default bibtex application has been changed to bibtex8 (but currently no attempt is made to select the proper .csf file)

[w2l] The command \textsubscript is now defined with \providecommand to avoid problems with other packages that may already have defined this command

[w2l] Added basic support for hebrew (XeTeX backend only). If the default CTL language is hebrew the entire document is exported with hebrew language setting with a suitable default font (Frank Ruehl CLM/Nachlieli CLM/Miriam Mono CLM)

[w2l] Removed old experimental option use_oooref

[w2l] If use_bibtex is false, the bibliography is now exported using a thebibliography environment rather than as plain text

[w2l] UI strings in the code are now externalized for localization

[w2l] Color support in StarMath have changed with LO 4.4 and will with (probably) AOO 4.2
  (https://bz.apache.org/ooo/show_bug.cgi?id=118191). Now the 16 basic HTML colors are used. This is an incompatible change because StarMath used to apply dark versions of red, blue, cyan and magenta. The new colors are now supported, and a boolean option old_math_colors (default false) has been added to allow the user to apply the old colors.

[w2l] In the Application dialog in the toolbar configuration it is now possible to select the systems's default  application for the viewers. This is now the default, and in most cases this will imply that the toolbar works  without configuration. The automatic configuration has been changed to use the default application if it fails to find the dedicated applications.

[w2l] The Application dialog in the toolbar configuration can now be used to select the behavior after export   (do nothing, compile or (default) export, compile and preview)

---------- version 1.5.2 ----------

[all] Using the filters from the command line with soffice --headless --convert-to is now documented in the user manual

[all] Filter API change: The filters now accepts the FilterOptions property as an alternative to FilterData. This property accepts a comma separated string of option=value items. In particular this allows to pass option from the command line (soffice --headless --convert-to).

[all] API change: The interface OutputFile now defines an additional method containsMath() which returns true if the file contains mathematical formulas (only implemented for XHTML, currently always returns true for LaTeX)

[all] Implementation detail: Moved descriptions to a separate folder within the extensions

[all] The position of message boxes has changed from (0,0) to (200,100)

[w2l] Implementation detail: The dialog library W4LDialogs is now merged into W2LDialogs2. This avoids conflicts with the old Writer4LaTeX extension if this happens to be installed.

[all] Fixed typo in export dialogs: The text on the help button was in Danish.

[w2l] The bibliography configuration is slightly modified: The options to convert Zotero or JabRef citations are now only available if the option to use external BibTeX files is selected

[w2l] Added new BibTeX dialog to insert a bibliographic reference to a BibTeX file. The BibTeX files are located as defined in the configuration, and the reference is inserted as an ordinary reference mark.

[w2l] Various improvements to the log viewer dialog: Reduced height to better accommodate small screen resolutions. Added checkbox to filter the LaTeX log to display only errors. Added help page and long tips.

[w2l] Added new option font to load font packages. It accepts a large number of standard font packages such as cmbright or fourier. Only packages with math support are included. Unknown packages defaults to Computer Modern. The font option is currently not available for the backend xetex. In the user interface, this option can be found in the export dialog. To make room for this, the BibTeX settings no longer has a heading in the dialog.

[w2l] Bugfix: Include w2lconfig.oxt in the distribution (was missing in 1.5.1)

---------- version 1.5.1 ----------

[w2l] Implementation detail: Updated to version 20140107 of the JSON library org.json.* from JSON.org.  Now based on prebuilt jar rather than directly on the source.

[w2l] Merged the extension Writer4LaTeX into Writer2LaTeX, where it now appears as "the Writer2LaTeX toolbar". Replaced menu with a toolbar with four buttons: Insert BibTeX citation (not yet implemented), publish to LaTeX, view log files and edit custom format. (Publishing without showing the dialog is currently removed.)   Using the toolbar bypasses the filter logic, which gives a significant performance gain for large documents. The remaining parts of Writer4LaTeX (the article template, configuration and help file) has been renamed to "Writer2LaTeX configurations" (short w2lconfig).

[all] Implementation detail: Replaced Robert Harder's base 64 class with javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter

[all] Filter: Refactored filter code, the actual conversion has been separated from the XExportFilter implementation

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